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  1. Hello @Kibbelz! Thank you for successfully lobbying the 1 Kinah Retune Event for the game. We hope that the game masters would consider extending the 1 Kinah Retune Event for a week or two. Some players were planning to start gearing up their alternate characters. This was brought by the idea that sovereign gears can now be farmed in IDD. Also, the 7.9 Patch provides that players should have 100 entries for IDD a week, which supposedly makes it easier for players to finally gear up their other characters. Unfortunately, two (2) weekly maintenances since the start of 7.9, the IDD entries
  2. Hello @Kibbelz! I hope you can raise this request to the game developers. Please do increase the number of allowed participants in Silona/Pradeth during sieges. It is good to take note that these areas are cross-server - more number of players participate from Katalam and Danaria. There is insufficiency of slots despite the increase brought by 7.9 Patch. Thank you!
  3. I think they're trying to lower the number of Stigma Enchantment Stones in the game. The rise in the number of Stigma Enchantment Stones were brought by players who have multiple accounts that did the Zudra Event. 1. By deleting the Zudra Boxes. Some may be forced to choose Stigma Enchantment Stone right now, instead of keeping it in their inventory. If players choose to get Daevanion Skill Boxes, then there will also be lower number of Stigma Enchantment Stones in game. 2. The new Community Event which rewards players who use the most number of Stigma Enchantment Stones among other
  4. If you are looking for ideas for this coming weekly maintenance. I hope you can consider this @Kibbelz!
  5. It depends. Aethertechs are tanks (2nd to Templar) that have higher DPs compared to Templars. Of course, it depends on your gear. Some ATs can tank even the hardest instances. Some Templars have OP DPS during end-game. Gunners are damage dealers. If you want to focus more on DPS, gunner could be an option.
  6. Please consider for the next weekly maintenance @Kibbelz! Thank you!
  7. @Kibbelzmay we have 1 Kinah Retune event for new and returning players? Thank you!
  8. Hello @Kibbelz! Please consider adding rewards for Weekly Lugbug Quests, e.g. Stormwing Token. Thank you!
  9. Is it possible to allow Miniums be transferrable via account warehouse?@Kibbelz Before, it can be farmed by using luna entry twice a day. But there is now lack of lunas because of the changes on how to get luna for free-to-play(F2W) players. I think this would be helpful for everyone who wants to have their own Minion A, S, SA, and SS.
  10. I understand the reason why they decided to change the way for us to get luna crystals. @kibbelz But is it possible to lower the number of mobs to be killed in Inggison? Like instead of 50, make it 25. Not all of us can play all day to put 2-3hours a day just for killing 50 mobs for 12 toons. Thank you!
  11. Events or changes for Daevanion Skills.
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