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  1. Wow. I, too, haven't opened the Special Pouches that you get from the chest. They let you choose between a Gold Ingot, a Luna Light or other things. I saved them for when I might need more Luna Lights or Gold Ingots depending on my need at the time. Please restore the Luna materials.
  2. This indeed was an offense. It was griefing your own faction. People did indeed get penalized for it.
  3. Same. Also had Prestige so should have received double. Do we need to put in a ticket to get properly compensated?
  4. Don't you think it more likely that it is for Aion2 rather than a game that has just three servers in NA?
  5. You mean when did twink ganking have any effect on people giving up on the game because they can't do their leveling quests? See Bryos-DN's reply.
  6. The event ends with maintenance at the latest. Daily reset happens after the maintenance starts.
  7. Actually I think the Cafe event was worse. I don't recall wanting anything offered as rewards from that event.
  8. How long until the relief of 6.5 arrives in NA?
  9. Which were removed from that person. And hopefully staff knows not to do that kind of thing any more. The legendary stones I've gotten have been from siege boxes, that I recall.
  10. The on black eye? Didn't the Dragon Lords do that to us?
  11. Great news that your site is back! Thanks!
  12. Yes, please. The only quest available from the Prestige quest giving shugo is one asking if Daeva has collected Prestige Research materials, with several question marks in the description. As far as I know there is no such thing as Prestige Research materials. No quests for daily and weekly kills.
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