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  1. I have found IB fun but I had always had the premises that everyone stats are equal. So no matter what gear or stats you have everyone starts of equal. When you enter look at your stats there all changed to base numbers. But over time I know this can not be true. I've tried both my pve and pvp sets and that doesn't seem to make any difference. Match starts, i start to hit the targeted player and i see like 10% damage on them, but then they turn and hit me and i loose 40% per hit and in three shots i'm dead. no one is upgraded, no one has the damage buff. So that baffles me. After runnin
  2. The first choice you have to make is if your going to be a healing and defensive pvp cleric or an offensive pvp cleric. If defensive your going to want to be in a group for pvp. Setup for heal boost, hp, and then pick physical def or magic def. If offensive solo and small group pvp then your going to want magic attack, magic accuracy. You should not try to do both with one set of equipment. If you want to do both then you'll need to sets of equipment and switch out as desired.
  3. There is an easy fix the dev's could add to fix this issue. If the leader kicks someone it has to be confirmed by at least two other members in the group of 6. If leader kicks someone within the alliance it has to be confirmed by at least six other members.
  4. I love to pvp myself but I have giving up even trying, I have the first set you can get with the crystals. I simply can not beat anyone and after the 1,000 time of loosing fights I just say the hell with it. There is no fun in it. I have only managed to get one armor piece upgraded to 15 and upgraded to purple. I am out of pvp stones and seeminly only way I can get them is is to afk dredge, evergail, and idl. Sure I occtionally make a rush with the other gorup members in drege to get extra stones, and in ever gail I run aound from hide and flip camps as I can. But for pvp.. it's just not happe
  5. The only viable option to counter the afk is to not give any rewards at all for a loss. It still penalizes people who tried to win but didn't.
  6. I hate to say this but maybe if you loose you should get nothing. That way afk'ers get nothing by afking
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