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  1. So because of dredge and XP events, now people are just leveling opposite faction alts, getting them to high ranks, and killing them over and over. AP mules. I swear people I've literally never seen PvP before just come out of nowhere with fulll 40E and full 50E. I don't remember it being bad like this back in day. I feel like if NCSOFT had started with 1.5 and patched in 1.7 quickly this wouldn't be happening. Legit players can't keep up with these people. It's pretty obvious on the rankings lists who the mules are.
  2. I was actually coming here to post this. How is it Australia has better times than east coast NA? For any working adult, these times are untenable. First one isn't even close to a lunch hour and the 10pm one is too late. We won't even talk about 2am. Ridiculous.
  3. Happy about the XP event (alts!) and fun bonus drops, even if it’s just candies and skins. Still love Aion and 1.5 is a much needed content update. I’m excited!
  4. Retired forever. Not the same without the OGs.
  5. Thank you for the XP event and please keep it going because lord knows leveling alts is most of what I log in for until 1.5 drops. x.x
  6. @Kibbelz With much respect, this is a mistake. One of the reasons the community has been so upset and dissatisfied is the lack of communication. You should continue to communicate each and every time bans occur. We do not ask you to be specific, just continue communicating. When we think NCSoft cares about this game, it makes us care about the game and want to continue to play.
  7. I love Aion so much. My excitement and anticipation was so high when I found out about Classic coming to NA. I don't know how to answer this poll though because either answer is contingent upon two things happening: 1. Genuine effort by NCSoft to ban hackers, especially animation hackers. 2. Evidence that most AP Traders are being stripped of their AP and their armor deleted. I am sad this has been happening. NCSoft cannot plead ignorance. These issues occurred in Korea. Humans gonna human, and so they had plenty of time to plan and prepare to be thorough and expeditious in how
  8. Don’t worry. It’s basically just one person creating multiple threads and acting dramatic. The rest of us are old beans in our rocking chairs eager to relive the good ole days while trying not to fall asleep at 8:30pm.
  9. What time of day and time zone will servers open on June 16th for character design and name reservations?
  10. Will NA Classic include current character customization options or only those available at 1.0?
  11. And her Asmo bestie Oneiros (cleric) of Zikel is also back! (Later Hush) Looking for old <Buttered Cat Paradox> and <Bad Wolf> friendos from way back in the day!
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