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  1. Event item

    The [Event] Prince/Princess Hairpin can not be stored in warehouse or cabinets.
  2. New Launcher slow and buged Password

    When that happens to me I usually have the caps lock on by mistake. Other than that check number lock too? I know not helpful but good luck.
  3. Missing Daily Prestige Boxes

    2 days in a row prestige empty in Login Reward Event Window.
  4. Prestige coins

    2 days in a row so far no prestige coins in the Login Reward Event Window. Also Prestige Box in window missing.
  5. Prestige Pass

    What am I paying for exactly? The BCM is not updated because I know Bastion of Souls is no longer and I am only getting one entry to Herelym Mine. Please update BCM. Thanks.
  6. Amazon Ncoin codes

    Don't think it's an error, everyone didn't want to wait 12 hours and bought them out. Why does it take 12 hours?
  7. (7.5) Gelkmaros Campaign and other Quest BUG (Asmodian)

    Country Living is still bugged, can not continue campaign quests.(asmo character KT server)