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  1. Someone have a guide to pvp/pve gear progression or could advise me what to do? My actual noob gear: -ancient vindicator (pvp) from 6.0, buy them at lakrum npc early 6.0, with genesis crystal -ancient libertas (pve) from dungeon (ye, that 3-man noob one) And what about this new "guide" window? all obtainable gear is there or just the progression of what im using? thank you all, sorry for my english and for noob questions
  2. Gear progression advice

    Hi dear nyerk friends, I would like to ask for some advices about gear progression for 6.2. I hit level 80 and im doing that weekly quests from camps for "genesis crystal", should I use them for that ancient PvE and PvP gear? or save them for another thing (if there is). Basically, what are the best pve and pvp gear and how obtain them? ty and sorry for my english
  3. New System – Daevanion Skills

    Well, maybe because Hime is one of them!! edit: I mean, one SWnyerk fan, not brainless one
  4. Thank you @Hime answering our questions about the future patch!! Just 1 month woooot
  5. Aion September Preview

    I'm just a dreamer
  6. Known Issues: Server Merge

    Apparently, characters on iluma cant be logged in (i already was in ilume before merge) and now I got dc when try log them. But my lowbies that was on other maps can be logged withou problems. edit: I tried more than 10 times (heheh) I did it. Lets hope those dc's stay away.
  7. Known Issues: Server Merge

    I cant stay online more than 30sec and got dc ed