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  1. A Simple Request... I hope.

    So I'd like to pre-face this by saying that this isn't some call for a 'master server' or to express regret over the direction the game has gone. My request is simple. Bring back a form of traditional crafting. Hear me out. My suggestion is specifically to bring back weapon and armor crafting. Not for obtaining progressive or endgame gear but to allow us to craft legacy gear for skins. Right off, I know that there are skins shops in the game for NCSoft to utilize for the purpose of making money and I wholly respect that. A game can't survive without revenue and ever since they made that game F2P, I've accepted every attempt for them to cash in on the game. That's basic economics. But what I'm seeing is the skin shops primarily sell modern skins that share relevance for the era. I've not seen any legacy, craftable skins for sale per say and if they are not going to monetize the wholesale of these skins, allow us a grindable crafting option for obtaining these legacy gears. I'm talking bringing back old recipes like the titanium, adamantium, and orichalcum skins. Alongside those allow us to craft the legacy daevonian sets like the level 30 'Courageous' set (my personal favorite skin in the whole game), the level 50 'Miragents' set, etc. etc. This goes for all legacy, unused skins for armor, weapons, and clothing. With this suggestion, and this might be where I lose any potential interest from any dev who happens to read this, in the implementation of said legacy crafting system, bring back the aethertapping and essencetapping gatherable nodes throughout the world to permit the progressive leveling of the aforementioned grindable crafting system. In addition, and my final addition to this suggestion, if this were to be implemented, make it something you really have to work for. In a game where reaching level 80 in less than a day seems too much of a gimme, having a crafting system that could potentially take weeks to master because of its dedicated grind would bring back a very small but appreciated grind from the bygone era's of AION. I can't express how relaxing nor exactly how much fun I had passing the time by spending hours gathering and crafting. In a world like AION, especially now, where everything is so fast paced and instantly now, having a system for players to enjoy doing on their "off time" would be, I feel, well received. It would provide one small, but fun, activity to the game for players to slow down from their constant sprint through the game. To be able to relax and soak in the world as it was beautifully designed because you have to travel all over for the gatherables. It would pay a great respect to the game for being as beautiful and diverse as it was, is, and will continue to be. That's my long-winded suggestion. Sorry for writing a novel to read.