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  1. In conclusion, the skill ceiling required to master a sorc is much higher than other classes. Most players would prefer instant gratification than persevering with a class that requires fast reflexes, reaction and skill. Sm, on the other hand is a broken af class designed to cater for the mentally disadvantaged people. Fact is no one likes SMs.
  2. I feel that sorc is fine in pvp in the hands of pro players only. By nature, sorcs are like magicians as they require fast reactions to execute the lock down combos. There isn't much margin for error hence why the skill ceiling is higher. Skilled sorc pvp is arguably the most enjoying class to watch as it very fast paced with high risk rewarding play, and creativity with unpredictable combos. In group pvp, a sorcs playstyle is focused on survivability and landing sleeps on key targets rather than full dpsing so it gives the impression that sorcs are 'weak'. Overall, sorcs have
  3. Did your group have an AT? if the entry gate at the start is blown up by AT'S then the prisoners will bug.
  4. Although flame fusion is a fundamental skill of sorcs, id say 50% of sorcs dont bother using it at all. Same with not using flame cage, using big casting nukes only with cast reduction buffs up, not weaving, etc. Sorc is the most overplayed dps class which also attracts alot of noobs also.
  5. Its hard to tell whether high dps is due to player skill or class anymore. Supposedly this patch buffed physical dpsers, but i see some sorcs/sm outdps everyone, other times i see glads/sin outdps everyone. I still feel that many players don't dps anywhere near their gear potential though, and a lack of class awareness/available guides is to blame.
  6. My sorc is not even full legendary (13 legendary/2ancient/1 ulti bandana) but can do a respectable 35k dps in Pf with this update. Sure, the dps isnt enough to carry a group, but if every dps can pull 30-35k dps in partial legendary gear then it shouldn't be a problem. PVE has always been like this. There are always geared baddies and then there's players who are able to extract as much potential from their given gears. One solution is running a meter and blacklisting geared baddies and try running with players that is known or have potential. Unfortunately, since PF/IDD is buff
  7. Nice video, strong AT. Afaik shugo console isn't a bannable 3rd party program. It does make pvp gameplay alot more enjoyable as its more easier to be in control of camera movement and have better spatial awareness. However, use shugo console in a game like DOTA and its a bannable offense lol.
  8. My 14/16 lengendary, 2 ancient sorc only managed 30k dps in pf, whereas it was 40k before the patch. Looks like the boss got buffed big time. Luckily it was a smooth run cos I got carried.
  9. Have you checked if your graphics card is running smoothly? I had the same issue a long time ago, and coincidentally my graphics card died not too long after.
  10. Im fairly certain many of the players on EK are either rerolls from other servers or already established players looking for a fresh start. I find it hard to believe that the majority of players on EK are totally new players, because in the wider gaming community, most have never heard of Aion. The rerolls/already established players who flock to EK server thinking everything is rosy, somehow claim to not know about the demise of the previous 2 servers created purely on the release of a major patch. However, the truly knowledgeable players know about Kahrun and Beritra's servers past, and wise
  11. i don't mind bots because they keep the prices of mats down. Those who oppose it are the hardcore grinders who want to sell the mats for a high price. Also, completing the 50kills prestige quest becomes less of a chore.
  12. EK server will be merged or players will have the option to transfer out at some point, just like Kahrun and Beritra servers. Those players who rerolled on EK generally have main toons on DN/KT anyway.
  13. Sounds about right. Ancient on ancient 10-15 is 48% success rate per enchant. Legendary on legendary 10-15 is 48% also. Most ppl use on average 40 stones to 10-15 ancients. The main change of the update is +20% success rate of ancient/legendary stone on ancient gear at all levels. +3% success rate of all stones on legendary gear. Ultimately, legendary pvp gear is the new ancient gear. The gear discrepancy between those with ultimate compensation and genesis is closing.
  14. I have been using ancient stone on ancient gear till 13 then legendary to 15. My reasoning is that I have more ancients left over to try ancient the legendary to +6. Otherwise if I spam ancients to 15, I would have fewer ancients left to +6 a legendary. A +15 ancient seems to have better pvp stat's than a newly +0 legendary. Although I do have 300+ legendaries saved up specifically for this update so I have a little more leeway. On the other hand if someone has fewer legendaries to use due to enchanting their compensation gear to get a headstart, then spamming ancients is the only option
  15. Did 3 fm yesterday, got 2 struggling rng shugos, both dropped legendary box. Rng working at its best that day
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