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  1. thank you i been looking for the link for a translator since i came back to play a little while ago but could not find it for some reason thank you. and i went for B
  2. i wondered how long it would take for someone to say something i cant believe this why just why would they post something that helps chars god know.
  3. just wondering if everything will be reset today lol we can wish cant we.
  4. Returning player

    Have not played Aion in some years now come back the past week to accounts being deleted that god my main account was not, and what the hell with crafting sent years and lots of money making master in all crafts and buying designs to having nothing what is going on. All these changes are a joke and there is so much more that is so wrong what have you done to Aion A very sad player that played Aion from the start but had to stop due to being ill.