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  1. I'm very sorry about my reply, i dont mean you, i want talk with "NCSoft balance guy". About end game, maybe yes, just end game.
  2. It's mean NCSoft "balance game" because MANY class with undergear can't pvp with sw end game? How many sw endgame in this game? NCSoft don't want sw endgame finish other class and decide any class can kill sw undergear? Exacly sw undergear can't kill any one and will be a meat on disc? Super balance ever! Let's thinking by brain please! I want say YES with you. And you can see NCSoft buff Vandal, lol. Vandal not strong enough?
  3. Some one can make a clip about sw pvp at 7.5 please? And show your set if u can, please don't make it with Kasinel, +15 DarkTalon with full enchant, +15 stigma etc (lol), i really fell sw class like a meat at 7.5, NCSoft neft sw too much, i have a litle tiny dps and can't do anything in pvp except give them my AP. i wonder why they neft sw dps like that? Or sw still huge class and i'm a noop, maybe yes! Sad
  4. Will continue will End And patch note please! I need something to read in 5 hours and 30 minutes. Thanks Hime
  5. It's still work, you need mark "read only" file config.ini in "..\NCSOFT\Aion\Data\Dump" That's all! You can by pass loadding 100% when log in game, but after update Aion, you still need wait 1 time load screen from 0% to 100%.
  6. Best guide for me (skinholic btw), thank you so much, keep go on!
  7. Can you show how is skin look like? Please take a screen shot! Thanks so much!
  8. i got 3 Ancient skill from 3 shugo on 5 time CoE, i got total 10 Ancient box now, maybe i will got Ancient skill +10 :-(
  9. ofc not, i guess only hair of transform now! and wind one not in list XD!
  10. hmmmm, many music script will gone, it's not good!
  11. Cant buy minion contract at base again! please fix it @Cyan, thanks!
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