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  1. ty so much @Kibbelz this sounds amazing. Taking actions right away =) About the compensation on SAS; I dont know how many ppl do x12 runs. Me as a f2p is my "best" way to get better trasnformation. So if u can make this compensation a bit more higher for player like me, it will me awesome. Just having it back, and all the other things listed it really makes me happy; and im pretty sure lots of ppl share the same feeling. Good luck, and keep on the good work =)
  2. Hi @Kibbelz would u mind telling us the expected date for solving the issue?
  3. @Kibbelz hi! Would u mind giving us some feeback regarding the "why" and the "back" for SAS. Thanks in advance! =)
  4. oh yes i had to do that in order to make Xingcode run. The thing is that game crushes a lot for opening, once in game it ok, but i have to try several times.
  5. i have same problem... it takes me like 5 to 10 tries to log in cuz it send log
  6. Theres glitches on the windstream. i got teleportes from Path of Fire to the winstream master on the left lower side of the map. I break windstream passing the large altar near by.
  7. well... im with lucimon on this one... should ban those ppl or some sort of punishment. Cuz thats screwing other ppl. Lets pray for a server up as soon as posible =)
  8. No, because what they did was a "general" fix. So ppl like me, that i run my entries, i got screw on it. And now, ppl that was really on the time to log in and play, cuz of something they did wrong, they will screw them. Not me, i havent log in yet; but i know that feeling.
  9. so this is what i learned about last event! after a maintenance, dont do anything... cuz u will get a kick on the ass by staff. so here we are. I know the feeling, but in order to not feel again like this im in Zen Mode. Its too bad thats games that are about to get a community shutdown, starts with this problems. Best of lucks NCSoft, u guys really arent aware of the dmg u building to this game community.
  10. ok thx u for the quick response.... For all the other ppl, active players, that already did their runs yesterday, like me... we screw. and devs dont care about it =) Bye Aion!
  11. Cyan, this is really good, but still. theres low chances to reach that 1200 gems. So plz, try consider either decreasing the prices or increasing the way to obtain the gems. Also about this, most of the active player, already burn their entries. Should be a reset entry. Plz consider this as well. P.S: all the people in the forums and in game, are actually player that are in love with the game. After 10 years they keep playing. Im kinda new, ive been playin since Aion turn from 4.8 to 4.9. And yes thats how new i am. And im still here because i love it... You guys must remember the t
  12. So hows it possible to get 1200 gems... by 4 entrys a week, 2 instances thats 16 boxes. So lets assume! we are bless by the "rng" gods and we get 50 gems each boxes... thats a total of 800 gems only!... where are we supouse to get those extra 400 and that assuming youl get 50 gems per bundle... but mos ppl getting 5... And btw did u guys also burn the rates again? i just fail 4 ultimate stones on a legend gear +13... ty NC Soft... but i think i had enough with this game Bye!
  13. so sad to read this maintenace update ... we really suffering with the "time" game recquires to gear... and when u gave us a light of hope with those luna, now u do this?... what was the real orientation for this patch ...
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