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  1. unless korea have the event to get access to them..nc soft (na) wont make content to get them..so you can give up on that pipe dream..let them sell it on BCM and be done with it..the game pass the point of no return..before you say it's p2w blah blah..you still have a way to get it in the game..although it's a small chance but it there..p2w is basically getting an advantage of an item you can't get in the game..yes game balance would be the way to go.. people who don't want to buy it is your money and choice..but to others who will buy it, leave them be..yes i want all the weapons for my
  2. best way to solve it..stuff like weapon's and accessories, you can leave them on world boss..also make them drop on last boss hard mode content..like pfhm sure people can sell loot rights or use hacks to beat it..at least asmo faction can gear up and get the item's they need..this will kind of balance out things..this always the problem with faction base games..always being one side dominate when they have the majority.. aion will never be perfect to much damage done over the years,,but it can be made to be a fair game to some point..as i say in every post..koreans and americans are 2 di
  3. drugged i feel your pain..i'm missing out on attack power coming back late..i should easily be close to 25k physical attack as a chanter with buffs..now i actually got to be drugged up to play Aion..never seen a game that hurt themselves with doing shit backwards..i know they following Korea..but they should consider we is a western audience and not eastern..2 different cultures with 2 different play styles..
  4. well coming for a chanter...i'm not gonna waste manastones or retunes on evasion..as a chanter i have enough skills and buffs to cover me for damage reduction and other things..i stack all physical attack and crit..basically as a dps chanter i don't need anything else..the harder i hit, faster you die..i doubt any chanter will stack evasion even in healing spec..fully buff i'm pushing 24k+ physical attack..i also have cubicles and most of my physical attack from collections and accessories bonus..
  5. got a new high spec gaming computer with 32 gigs of gaming ram...have fiber optic connection...even with all this i'm still playing RNG with logging into game...either the bird women disappear on screen meaning you have to close window and try again...usually have to restart computer...if you get lucky and pass the bird woman, you might get stuck with a black screen..i understand the game is old...damn get it together NC SOFT cause this is all on your end.. spend some money and fix whatever problem going on with the server..i play other mmo's and don't have any problems with logging to ga
  6. he is holding something back for a long time..10 pound shit baby from Yuweh being constipated..HAHA..you left it open for that comment to slide in..of course me being the gentlemen that i am not..had to let it rip..
  7. let the old man sum up basically what being said..Loki on your part you probably saying facts..here the crux of the problem..70%..so basically you have 7/10 times of getting s rank minion..when you put it like that everything sounds dandy..you use 4 A rank minions and fail..you send in ticket and get restoration token..usually the odds should be you get proc on next attempt..then you fail again..now that's 2/10 that you fail..even if you fail another that's your 3/10..anything after that should be automatic proc with 4 minions.. that's the common sense of things in general..but you have p
  8. i doubt they will do this with ultimate transformations..this is NC SOFT biggest money maker..if they start giving these out like welfare cheese..(which actually taste very good)..then they won't have a source of revenue..
  9. did you write to NC SOFT for a restoration token..i had failed my s rank with 4 minions..i sent in ticket..got restoration and i got S rank on next proc..really s rank minion is a must..cause that's basically 500 physical and magic attack bonus and 15-17k hp..6 times RNG goddess is spitting in your face..i played many games with RNG, but nothing compare to Aion.
  10. at first i used 4 rank A minions..i failed and got them restored..next time it proc rank S minion..guess it the RNG goddess at work..
  11. this is the problem you just said it..we don't need any events that gonna be a temporary fix..also with events are not fair..most people loses out and they are not balance..just have the ultimate transform potions put to lvl 7 Lakrum renown..solve the problem and keep everybody happy..(if that even possible).. also hope if Loki and crew could comment on this topic..get there opinion and see if it could be pitch to NC SOFT team..cause we know nothing can be done without them..
  12. Ele you probably have a point..but right now something is better than nothing..if it take this to make things a little more even..until a better plan is figured out..you can't deny people an in game item..regardless of the company financial situation..since NC SOFT will not compromise on there money maker..this route seem more accessible..
  13. lately one of the big topics is ultimate transformation and availability to mostly everyone..we heard the pros and cons of the problem..never was the problem solved in a way to benefit everybody..honestly the problem can't be solved to please everyone..so i have a good alternative, which don't hurt NC SOFT financially and also satisfy f2p people..at the moment you can buy transform potions from lakrum renown vendor at lvl 9..this is actually a good idea..but NC SOFT did it wrongly.. NC SOFT if you don't want to give away ultimate transforms cause it a money maker..that is fair, because th
  14. this is again another theory craft..what they do in Korea is different in America..Korea might get away with putting percentage..in America they gonna have to put a price on the item..for example Tiamat ultimate transform cost 8000 nc coins..no more getting a box with 0.0001% of getting it..that is a form of gambling what they are doing now..you is basically paying for the odds of winning..it the same as you betting on horses at the derby.. east vs west..things don't go the same..we have our own government and laws..same as Korea have there own..whatever America agree upon NC soft will ha
  15. you have kaisinal and maruchutan..you still losing then that's either a gear issue or player issue..from how you talk in forums i take the latter issue..anyways you have ulti transforms as you say..gratz you got it..why you being hard on others about them wanting it for themselves..you being more gear than me i just laugh on that one..if you don't have at least 9 advance stigmas to fill out your stigma slots and advance daev skills..then don't talk to me about being more geared than me.. back to topic..since ultimate transforms was brought into the game..it make a game changer more in pvp
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