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  1. not only getting just 4 types of cubic cannot apply the 4 types of cubics the same 4 types always given
  2. why did Aion change so dramatically? it is some other game with the brand name Aion on it it sucks so bad. i hate you all.
  3. I go to Aiondatabase and read a message that a server engineer and his cronies took off with the goods and tried to extort the devs. this is huge news, if it is true. name and shame the baddies. I need names. no report of the outcome as yet, it is still 2017. QUOTE: Site news 09-12-2017:Our server engineer left the team. He was caught on advertising on the site without my knowledge, in their own interests. He changed the passwords on the server and put forward conditions if I do not re-register the domains and the server, he will separate and work himself, because he has everyth
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