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    Cian we need urgent merger
  2. cyan when they change the items that we get in bastion sen red fixed for the class bastion of soul
  3. Hello community, if you do not know, there is a mission that, as they are, they did not repair and gives many benefits to new users to purify their pvp set, if the quest is for the asmo faction <Windiel's Help> and faction elyos <Windiel's Support> .In itself it is a quest that they did not repair and just by using the experience extraction and changing brands it gives many rewards per player , 3 missions are repeatable for 10 times a week y and the rewards are 150 <Fighting Spirit Fragment>, 30 <Legendary Etium> 30 <Ultimate Etium> .to arm quickly in pvp that since the enchantment fails so much it would be very useful to repair it urgently instead of doing nothing