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  1. yes will try to delete the char as a last resort ^^ so entered a ticket, ill wait what comes out of that for that char will make a new char and level that 1 up
  2. ok did a repair and also added aion bin 32 bit and 64 bit to the process to be trusted for windows 10 i recently logged also my 2 lvl 10 and 1`lvl 23 chars and they could bind at obelisk with no problem saying they already bounded only the lvl 18 songqweaver cant anymore after she leveled 10 and became a daeva before becoming songweaver is bounded at ishalgen and now after becoming songweaver cant anymore use obelisks and only get the msg bind at oblisk in yellow system msg but wont allow to bind anymore at obelisks or click on quest req to progress in the qu
  3. ok thanks ill try that :))
  4. no have enough kinah thats the problem, only see cogwheel but when i use mouse click to interact there is no action same with quest updates when u have to click on a quest item on the floor to progress my quest (campaign to find a father and click on that bottle on the bridge wont update because of that ) some 1 told me i have to be higher level lets say 20+ to progress campaign quest because not ready for it in level speaking but that with not been able to bind at obelisks is that also a level requirements? because still bound at ishalgen cant bind anywhere else
  5. ok when i posted the bug about my 4th char had renamed the 3 chars today i logged back in and still cant bind at a obelisk at level 18 is it because its free to play that i have to wait lets say 20 to bind at a obelisk to bind finally ? or is it a bug?
  6. hello recently returned to the game when i entered the game all my chars were numbers now after 1 day and when i made a new char and leveled her to 13 could not bind her at any bindstones still bound at ishalgen but when i log in the forum it still displayed my 3 chars as numbers and my 4th isnt registered please update cant bind my char to obelisk now while leveling up
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