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  1. 1 hour ago, Poggersz-KT said:

    @Kibbelz Thanks for the update! 

    Only 2 notes:

    1- It is important to consider other items being exploited too. Some things that made less noise and by that can go unseen, like runestones / dazzlings / extend weapon/ etc... Pretty sure if people were exploiting something as broken as paragon 15, they could easily exploit other items in the game too. So, reviewing it and taking action for this items would be important too!

    2-  Is it possible to open view detail for all? you already saw that the community will help and report whatever is weird, so having "view detail" function open for all will help us ensure nothing is left behind.

    Thanks in advance!

    view detail for all plz 😄

  2. Kibbelz

    Posted August 28, 2020

    Hi everyone. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of feedback on the forums around your experiences attempting to obtain Ultimate Transformations, and we understand this has been a source of frustration for many players.  With that in mind, we will be introducing a new feature which guarantees an Ultimate Transformation for any player who consumes 12 Legendary Transformations through transformation combination during a single promotional event (the current event concludes on September 2). This will also apply to all future promotions where bonus rewards are provided for obtaining Ultimate Transformations through transformation combination.


    To players who have consumed 12 or more Legendary Transformations via Transformation Combination during the current promotion, but have not yet obtained an Ultimate Transformation during the current promotion period:


    We will be granting you an Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box, containing your choice of Marchutan or Kaisinel Transformation Contract. This distribution will take place on or before September 9th. As this is an addition to the promotion rules, and in order to maintain fairness, we cannot grant additional “case-by-case” rewards outside of this criteria.


    Additionally, the team is taking another look at Ultimate Transformation availability, and will be featuring these more in events to come. It may not be every event, and they will be quite rare and difficult to get, but our goal is to provide more avenues for players to obtain these items.


    Thank you, as always, for having shared your feedback and experiences here. We continue to monitor, and are looking to make continuous improvements to your experiences. Please share your feedback on this change with us below!

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