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  1. NCwest, all we want is fair treatment. Is this too hard for you? It's been almost 2 weeks and you haven't respond to us at all. Please respond and try to communicate with players!
  2. Wow still not responding, guess they do not want to communicate with players. Please respond and make this game fair to all players. This is annoying that I'm writing in this tread and waiting for the respond when they are trying to ignore this tread I can't trust NCsoft any more. I'm not a big spender but I should stop spending money on this game. Since NCsoft treat players unfairly and players will leave this game soon. NOT worthy to spend money.
  3. wow some players transferred storming orb 3 times and got 4 apostles and some of us plays got only 1 apostle. And also I heard that some plays get extra token which is 4th token that means some players got 5 apostles. This is not fair at all. Are we asking too much to be fair to players? All we want is fair treatment. Please... fix this problem.
  4. This is so wrong.... Players need to be treat fairly.... Can't stop transfer egg middle of event which already done by many players. Some players have not transferred their storming orb yet, and they are the one who get punished. What is this NCsoft? Who is abusing the system? NCsoft is the one who is abusing players by treating players not fairly... Please fix this problem...
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