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  1. Imagine logging in to post a thread kekw
  2. Please guys we deserve some help in here, we're seeing posts and paragon items being exploited as well without any response but we can't even use our tokens to transfer for a transformation? You're rejecting this because it would make you "lose" money over items that are nearly impossible to obtain in game but these exploits are allowed because the people abusing them are friends with gms or they just swipe enough to look the other way. I don't think a handful of these people will maintain your server up when people gets tired of this treatment on the community that represents most of th
  3. Is there any course of action or any information on what's going to be done with the people that has gotten more than 1 apostle when the egg transfers were happening?
  4. Thanks for this clear line of communication and caring about your community you guys! @Kibbelz
  5. Can't believe GMs and people that can actually have some decision power on this are completely ignoring this post and issue. All these ninja decisions you make that allow players to get benefits and then you revoke them from others because you just can kill the switch to "avoid" issues in your line of thought are going to make you all lose the small bit of trust that remains on the people that are still loyal to the game. You're being so disrespectful ignoring users and getting away with this. If YOU as an organization messed up and allow a chain of events to happen (egg tra
  6. This is a completely unfair topic that shouldn't be even discussed and reverted right away. As simple human logic were there has been people that abused and fulfilled these request of transfering eggs previously and there is currently evidence of this happening, game and community aren't that huge for that to be kept and hidden so we don't have to even go over that. If people has been able to complete several transfers with the support working on this kind of tickets there are only 2 possible outcomes after you shut this down: 1- Roll back all the egg transfers for people and
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