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  1. OK I'm confused as to why any of you would think that the skins awarded for creating a vandal before the deadline and leveling it to 30+ would give you anything BUT armor skins that the vandal could use? Last time I checked, vandals only wear cloth.....
  2. My vandal is 40 something and Elyos. I don't see why I can't open it since its not even for the "good" stigmas. Its a green quality box so that means its for the lower level stigmas.
  3. My vandal is lvl 42 and has a Stigma Box in his inventory. I think this is a great thing but when I click on it to use it, it goes through the process of "use" but when it gets to the end of the cast bar it says I can't use it. Seriously WTF is going on with this? I would hate to think that I won't be able to get a stigma from this especially since I can't even put this damn thing in my account warehouse so another character can open it to get a vandal stigma out for him!
  4. One of the "features" I hated with the old patch was that it removed being able to trade kinah at all. Yes you can "trade" it by posting stuff on the auction house and someone else buying it but if you have a high kinah valued item that is tradeable on one character (say a level 80) and you put it in your account bank so your low level character can sell it to earn some kinah, your low level character can't exactly post it because it takes a crap load of kinah to even post it. I have a level 30+ish character that literally has less than 1000 kinah right now while most of my other characters
  5. The problem is one of the quests doesn't even start until 79 though. The other problem is the rewards aren't really for leveling though. You get minion contracts in those in addition to the daily mount box. It just makes no sense for a level 80 character to not be able to obtain those rewards somehow.
  6. So I logged into each of my characters today and noticed something. If the character was already level 80 they don't get the 3 quests & items nor the rewards for the Crown Prince Bobo Gift, Elsie's Gift, & Pixel's Gift quests. Am I bugged or are these quests/rewards not available to characters that were already 80 once the patch hit? If they are not available I'm going to be really pissed. Can you confirm one way or the other on this @Cyan
  7. I can't get the BCM to load anything on any character I have. Is it broken or something? I know there was an issue with the prestige vendor selling stuff for 1 coin and it was removed but is the BCM also broken too?
  8. I got an email from NCSoft saying that I could get free 7 days prestige yet there is nowhere to apply a code or offer showing to me anywhere on the site. Is this just a lie that NCSoft put out or how do I go about getting this?
  9. You don't need a sub to get the reward. All you have to do is log in with an account created before Aug 21st. There used to be a sub in Aion which is now called prestige. Seeing how he's a returning player, he probably played back when there were subs available which gave extra perks if you had one like how prestige does now.
  10. I honestly doubt that we do because we're already behind the number of character slots that EU can have. They were given 2 more when the first set of new classes were added to the game. We didn't get jack crap. If anyone wanted to have a new class, they had to decide what one to delete if they were already at max. What do you have to say about this @Cyan?
  11. With 7.0 approaching and a whole new class being added to the game I have, will the NA servers be getting another character slot to encourage people to create the new painter/vandal or will players have to yet AGAIN decide if they are going to delete a character they currently have to make one? I only ask this because the NA version of the game has less character slots than the EU version of the game. The EU version got new character slots when the other classes were added. They don't have to decide if they will delete a character or not make a new one. I'd LOVE to see the NA Aion offer at
  12. Players don't have the amount of kinah that would support the prices Prestige Passes would cost on the broker. I know I would not sell one for under 1 billion since they cost $15 of real money to buy. Also $15 isn't a whole lot of money to pay once a month to play a game you like to help keep it running. You should really think about that last part....
  13. So I've searched the Black Cloud Marketplace and don't see account services items in there any more. No more plastic surgery, gender change, or name changes ANYWHERE in the BCM. Where do you get these items now?
  14. You can fuse a PvE item with a PvP item and gain both of the stats but since you can't fuse an orb with a book its a moot point. As far as armor goes though you can fuse both.
  15. My chanter had some gear with magic boost on it while leveling up because those pieces he had equipped with it simply had it on there. I didn't actively go out of my way to get magic boost gear. Not to mention chanters DID have spells that were in their rotation that scaled with magic boost not attack so why would I NOT equip something with magic boost on it when the other option was gear with defensive stats on it? That's the point I was making is that this guy who knew at least TWO MONTHS before the patch came out that the crap gear he had on was not going to be able to be used when the p
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