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  1. Lots of people keep sharing our feedback here....... How many comments do you need more? huh @Kibbelz
  2. @Kibbelz So will u appear on maint day? so funny GM
  3. no more p2w, NEVER so much regret it that i spent ncoin a lot in march.....
  4. I should send an email about it to KR head office. They give us any answer at least.
  5. don't we have any gm? why do they keep silence? lol
  6. these apostles are really important to play aion thesedays. lots of ppl already have some apostles, and ultis. so they could complete their collections. the thing is, 1. it is selectable 2. you can choose incombinable transformations even i was about to get one of lumiel, vaizel, triniel and yustiel. nc made huge gap between players. it should be fixed.
  7. You should answer it now @Kibbelz you made a huge gap between players, what's the next plan?
  8. In case of pvp, those crit dmg and def are really good lol and the thing is we can't get those status anywhere else
  9. This is an awful operation. Only some people got apostles and others couldn't. 3 apostles are really big things in this game now. even I have tokens and I have the rights. or it's time to quit this game. How can I trust this operation team?
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