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  1. Nevermind, the problem is back. My Luna Daily Rewards haven't reset for 2 days. Please check into this bug NCSOFT*
  2. it seems to have magically fixed itself...it reset today when i checked, oh well maybe it was only my character unless NC did ninja fix idk
  3. Been 3-4 days and the Luna Daily Rewards from chamber haven't reset...unfortunately I didn't notice it until the 3rd or 4th day. There goes my daily cheap omegas... screenshot attached of the items that aren't resetting, those are 3-4 days worth of rolls that are grayed out, I didn't roll all 150 today is what I mean https://imgur.com/4p76JA7
  4. There's a bug where the gate isn't there when you enter the instance. Not sure what causes it...besides bad coding from NCSOFT's side. So, the other team gets an extra 2-3 minutes to start the run. (This is when the timer is still ticking down in red text.) With the time of 7:00-ish left, it makes sense that their gate probably wasn't there when they started. Because it takes about 6-8 minutes to do a full run if you're good at it.
  5. Yeah I guess they are getting ready for 6.0. I checked Aion Taiwan and they also have a similar event to get people geared up, but different requirement/rewards. The Aion Taiwan one looks similar to the one Korea had. Looks like some sort of bootleg event, but this time around the goal isn't +1-15, it's +15-20 or above. You can either exchange the gear back for omega stones or if you manage to get it to +22, I believe you can get the actual piece (Lv80 AP) in return. You can't use Shining Enchantment Stones, so this event will be cash shop only I guess, since you can't use Shining Enchantment
  6. ... why are we complaining? Now I get to do FMx5 ...AGAIN...LOL... is this NCSOFT way of giving us free resets?
  7. Guys, apparently all the server-downage is caused by over-farming the fatties in Tia Eye. Pls refrain yourselves from farming until further notice. THANKS! ........................../april fools again/ https://imgur.com/a/0ci3Q Danaria Server Status: FULL
  8. April Fools Joke? mid BoS <_< https://imgur.com/7jeMvNI
  9. time to queue my alt army and roll everything! coalition is great.
  10. ...idk about other ppl, but I'm there for the [Daily] quest for my soulstone bundle and to test my gear and dps rotations. If I ever get the hat then +1, I can sit at around 3.8k MR instead of 3.7k. I was actually *PASSING* the hairpin until I saw a Lv72 Templar win it <_< then I said nyerk all, people aren't rolling responsibly, so why do I have to? ...and started to roll lmao...but I'd rather Clerics or Chanters who are struggling w/ their MR sets get it. Cause Templar has Aether Armor + Stubborn Spirit, whereas Clerics/Chanters do not.
  11. Thoughts on the Soulstone prices: Since it takes about 1hr to farm 100 coins...I think those prices are fair. I can get an extra 3 soulstones a day farming casually for 2-3hours. Thoughts on the Omega/Temper prices: That's pretty damn high. You guys should lower the prices to like 150/200 and make them untradable with a 7-day limit. But, that wasn't my priority for this event.
  12. Nice suggestion the above prices. Not really sure what NCSOFT staff will do until the update tomorrow. Considering you can get about 100coins/hr aka 30-33bags/hr, I think the above prices are somewhat fair. So, basically in one day you can get 2-3 omegas depending how nuts you are. Making the omegas/tempers 7-day/[event] or untradable wouldn't hurt the economy. If they decide to make omegas tradable, they should raise the coin prices to 1000. If they make omegas untradable, yea then 500-600 is fair. Soulstones *seem* ok if they were to be 50, but I think they'll be 100. The +11/12 manastone se
  13. Hi NCSOFT people/shugos/shulacks/whatever...Suggestion for when you guys bring it back... So, the Tia Eye event was meant to encourage PvP, but there were no PvP related quests. Most of the quests I took were all PvE and boring. Could you guys add a quest, let's say repeatable 5 times where you can get 5 Gold Protectorate Coins? It's just too damn boring fighting over the coin dropping monsters, each faction will just fight on their own side. If you add this daily quest, everyone can participate in PvP and also earn 25 coins a day from just PvP. That's not too much to ask for in my opinio
  14. u can buy a level reduction stone for a whopping 1600 prestige coins, so add that to the list that, itself, takes weeks to get lol... - luna daily x7 = 1 level reduction - daishunerk game of fate = 1 level reduction stone on lowest tier box by chance (not a bad rate tbh) - menunerk's treasure chamber = 1 level reduction stone by chance/luck (meaning no) - prestige coin vendor machine = 1 level reduction stone for 1600 prestige coins so the only way to get it for "free" is to do luna daily, meaning u get 1 per week...and just seeing "SFT" makes my wrist hurt already <_<
  15. From reading the coalition guidelines, if you enter and hold leader of an Evergale alliance/league and AFK and refuse to pass lead because you don't want people to kick you, you are abusing the rules and can be reported. So it's a double edged knife for AFK people. 1. If you AFK, you get kicked. 2. If you don't pass lead you'll suffer consequences. 3. If you pass lead and AFK, you'll get kicked. If your alliance/league leader is AFK or abusing lead, take a screenshot/video and report them. Do not be afraid to report. Coalition guides re-link:
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