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  1. This just in! It was confirmed on a public discord that they are actively planning to block people from playing Dark Poeta in 1.5. Told ya! Since the following of worshippers is so large, I guess they felt like it would be more useful to publicly make statements on it.


    Any statement about shutting down pay-to-win players is a farce.


    Edit: It looks as if Kibbelz joined their discord, so if they haven't learned their lesson, they might make their moves differently this time around. This topic can go on the back burner, but political vigilantism is at play for anyone that exposes them.

  2. Aion Classic and Aion Live will probably die since no one is defending Aion Classic and there is nothing but sock puppeting still. The pay-to-win can keep playing their games and destroy themselves rather than actually find peace, better than letting Aion live at least. Aion Classic can be the best thing if they only stop playing kiddie games with trying to be the best.

  3. 2 hours ago, Guest Vinley said:

    It's not the P2Wers fault for the state of the game. They are victims. P2W is designed to be as predatory as possible; making everything into a gambling mechanic. It's designed to give you a dopamine hit every time you get something good, and keeps you coming back for more.

    There's a reason they're designed this way, and that massive RNG is involved. These aren't just accidents. Companies have spent millions researching these predatory design models. Every single new model is more predatory than the last.

    Its an addiction and the people spending tons of money are a mix of addicted, and yes, often times delusional to a fault, but they are not criminals. The criminals are NCSoft and our elected officials for allowing this online gambling to prey on people unchecked.

    Aion Live is dead because of the companies decisions to allow P2W to be the fastest and most important progression tool in the game. Live has taken its rightful place in history, and should they do the same in Classic, it will meet the same end.

    It is the player's fault if they choose to try a little meth so to speak. They are perfectly capable of making decisions if they choose. It is also the companies fault as well.

  4. 7 minutes ago, Kubei-DN said:

    I'm gonna stop you right there, mate.

    First of all, you cannot treat spenders as criminals. They may be p2w whales, but you're crossing a blurred line here.

    The p2w issues comes from the developers/publishers, not from the gamers. These people are allowed to spend their money however they want, but that doesn't make them criminals for doing so. That's like saying you're a criminal for spending $100 in the grocery store when you should've have spent maybe $30 instead.

    You're targeting the wrong people, and slandering others for how they spend their cash when developers intended on that to happen makes you a criminal yourself, not because you spend, but because you're mistreating people.

    I hate p2w just like your average Joe, but you need to halt your speeding car and take a breather. As much as you hate the whales for spending on the Live servers, remember, it happened because NCSOFT wanted it, and you're putting the blame on the wrong people.

    Games and grocery stores are different. Bad example.


    No one is mistreating anyone here except the pay-to-win folk who socket puppet in my threads. If they want to play Aion without it dying, then stop pushing for pay-to-win, it's that simple. If they want to bully people and create class warfare, get the nyerk out. Other than that, I don't care.

  5. Who really thinks Israphel is dead? Sure he doesn't have the relics anymore if alive, but maybe he decided it couldn't do what he wanted it to do and decided to fake his death to get people off his tail.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Leiloni said:

    Come on people come in here and show your Elyos love. I see way too many people here and on the Classic community discord saying how they're rolling Asmo, but I remember the tons of people who used to play Elyos. I know you're still out there!

    I would be embarrassed to admit to being an elyos if I were one, and I'm not an elyos.

  7. 14 minutes ago, Leiloni said:

    I think his biggest obstacle would be his reputation if he came back honestly. 

    You wouldn't know for sure if someone came back.


    2 minutes ago, Guest iko said:

    Siel because it was my old home when Ariel was merged. Hopefully I'll see some familiar faces around.

    If you are seeing real faces in a game seek help :P

  8. In the days of DLR, we had like maybe 3 different statics running it? All people that were elites. They were the same people asking for pay to win items on forums every so often. They had followers that were confused into thinking it was a great idea.


    I can think of a perfect example of people not knowing what they want when they seek something. Medicine is a perfect example, people ask for things that would kill them, and that's why you can't always listen to customers.


    7 minutes ago, Nalariel-KT said:

    Hi @Motgar-KT it's true that many things you said I agreed with but I want you to understand those who playing live version for years classic server announcement is devastating for them you don't need to keep bashing them that they wrong you should help them to migrating to classic server ,what you doing is no different when they telling everyone to quit if you can't survive in live.

    In fact I believed one point of time everyone was elitism too me as well when you can accomplished something you wanna show to everyone else that you good you strong. Show them good thing about classic not telling them that they can't do anything because they're p2w.

    I'm truly sorry about how classic server effecting live I wish live version will stay up as long as possible and possible enjoyable once more.

    You can't just let unreformed criminals run the streets. These pay-to-win people are the criminals in this case, and we anti-pay-to-win are the plaintiffs. Hell, all they need to do is drop the pay-to-win arguments and we are golden.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Kubei-DN said:

    Damn, this is some high tier drama in here. God, I missed this shite.

    It's nothing compared to what happened with DLR. It was a more obvious version of DP.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Leiloni said:

    If you're referring to Morted I'm pretty sure he got banned for cheating and there's no way he's coming back. We're going to remake Israphel bigger and better than ever!

    Eh, anyone can come back on a fresh start game. They loss nothing in comparison to others in the new game.

  11. 7 minutes ago, 5sB1C19-DN said:

    Nice edit and you are now back pedaling. Just admit you are wrong and have a problem. We all can see by your posts that it's no secret.

    The teasers promote and show what are COMING.

    I didn't back pedal at all. I said nothing was coming and by definition nothing is coming if nothing is confirmed at the time. You just can't read and now you are just background noise to me.


    8 minutes ago, Motgar-KT said:

    Talking S Rank.

    Most of what I was talking about in the original post happened with DLR.

  12. Just now, Guest DPisEZ said:

    Sorry,  but perhaps you don't remember but what mad Aion successful for a number of years was  the " hard casuals, RPers and crafters.".

    If you think that most "competitive PVPers" crafted their pots and scrolls, for example- you'd be dead wrong- not to mention they didn't craft the manastones that blew up in their gear- or did you forget that when socketing ALL of them were lost before supplements and later versions - and no, bots didn't supply everything.

    I realize the discussion was about DP- and btw I find this fear about forming DP WAY exaggerated unless we're talking S rank .

    Talking S Rank.

  13. 2 minutes ago, 5sB1C19-DN said:

    So the same teasers they used on twitter and on the aion classic tab which are the same are just a lie? That's very interesting.

    Please tell us more how those aren't related



    Only a post stating that it is coming out, maybe with a date is a confirmation.

  14. 2 minutes ago, 5sB1C19-DN said:

    They confirmed classic, didn't they? Those same teaser are in the INTRO to "Aion Classic" tab.

    Go get your eyes checked

    The teasers didn't confirm anything. The post announcing classic did.

    1 minute ago, SubZero-DN said:

    He's on my post now acting a fool rather he is a very bad troll or oblivious to what Aion is and was. Maybe he's mad they removed all the p2w features ? He was complaining it would kill what was left of retail. LOL

    I'm anti-P2W.


    Lots of fake people on the forums atm because of SubZero.

  15. 3 minutes ago, 5sB1C19-DN said:

    Yea.. that push is from dropping sub money dwindling into f2p greed.

    I just looked into your post history and you are the same person that couldn't see that those teasers were classic coming. No wonder your posts are low tier garbage. Company's will do anything to make money even if it's to lay or fire employees to keep more money to themselves. If you want to white knight NC.. are least write that shit at the bottom of each post.

    I was saying the teasers didn't confirm anything. Learn to read.


    As for DP, it was the start and it wasn't obvious until 3.5.

  16. 8 minutes ago, 5sB1C19-DN said:

    I don't even care for classic but i'm happy some people will and most of my friends will enjoy few months they can get out of the game. Your posts are just dog shit. Please do us a favor and stop posting. i'm sure most on live didn't want p2w but as soon as games become small and go f2p then greed is what comes out of it. The developers control all the power to make a good game and steer it in a good direction and you know now where that went.

    Companies don't just do things without a push from somewhere. They don't just simply continue without a push from somewhere in their community. You have to remember there was far more anti-pay-to-win than pay-to-win at the beginning. There was manipulation by the acultive players.

  17. 2 minutes ago, SubZero-DN said:

    Dude I've seen you do nothing but complain since people made a petition about classic. " It moves pro-classic players"  if you think any vets are going to use these forums just to openly talk about in game things besides bugs you're delusion nobody used them since Aion released in 09. You're clearly not a vet once so ever.

    Using the forums has nothing to do with if I'm a vet or not, and being a vet is irrelevant. You just support what I'm saying further. Aion had a majority of customers hiding elsewhere than the forums and that contributed to its death as well.

  18. 10 minutes ago, Guest Tsunahmie said:

    Bare minimum of 75% of Aion Classic players are Aion Vets. Loads of nice guys willing to help new players through DP. If you think we won't be able to clear DP and drag 1 newbie through. Think again. 

    Companies do wtf they want mate. Otherwise how come GF hasn't even announced a Classic server? 

    Also- The Aion devs did what KR players wanted not NA players. After a while even the KRs went ffs this is to much. People that are giving up before even trying are mist likely hard casuals, RPers and crafters. So nobody competitive at least for pve/pvp

    By your definition - eltists are anyone and everyone that wants to compete and can clear DP? 

    Apologies for bad typing - it's 4 am in EU and am on my phone 

    I was talking about the past. It might be different in the future with DP. DP carries didn't happen in the past, unless you were in a clique that supported elitism. Running DP doesn't make you an elite, preventing players from running DP (or making them think they can't) is elitism.


    In other news, I can locate players that supported these types of elitist players in this very thread. It's hard to admit when you did something wrong in the past, isn't it? I can sense sock puppets.

  19. 3 minutes ago, SubZero-DN said:

    Yeah no discord is a lot easier to connect on the fly with text channels, voice channels, announcements, sieges ect. 

    It move pro-classic players away from the sight of the community manager and the pro-live players get more attention. In other words, it destroys the game you supposedly want to play. ;)

  20. 3 minutes ago, Guest Tsunahmie said:

    Not gonna lie

    One of the stupidest post i have read sofar. Including the people hating on classic. 

    Keep people from doing instances? Make your pwn darn group, what's the big deal? 

    Do you have proof it's these same people asking for P2W or is this just a fantasy of yours that people at the top now want others to be able to pay and be at the top as well? 

    The community is not why aion became p2w - its because NC lacked vision and ruined the game out of greed, attracting p2w players and many of them are actually nice guys and not at all what what you're trying to label them as. I hate P2W with a passion but golly gee, can you stop blaming whales? 

    I agree with the point that Free to Play is a shite model, it attracts all sorts of people you don't want. But don't for 1 second think that it's the P2Winners that caused the mess aion live is in rn. 

    So what if a handful of salty live players come to classic?? Free AP dude and there's blocklist for a reason.  


    They will destroy Aion Classic like Russia interfered in America's elections. Don't believe me, log-on to Aion Live and see the results. If you say something enough you can make people believe it. Dark Poeta requires some organization, usually people lack that at first. They give up without trying because people say it's too hard in LFG.


    Companies don't just do things without direction from their players.

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