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  1. No one is complaining about failing to provide service. Again, NCwest has the right to modify their game at any time as they see fit.
  2. If they say it's not broken, then it's not broken. They have the right to make changes to the game.
  3. Ever since the start of the 2.5 patch, any remaining users that had once owned bots with Siel's Aura converted over to utilization of trial accounts en-mass (something like 20 accounts at once, all level 11 characters) to extract the lucrative event pass materials. These users are raiding the event pass system without paying their dues to NCsoft. This must stop, it is hurting the game. These users should be banned just like the time(s) action was taken for this in Aion Live. Just because NCsoft made a new business decision does not mean these users can extort NCsoft into reverting back to an imposition made by our users for better drops.
  4. Pretty sure the shop function is working as intended, just the functionality of the shop. I'm sure they will have an answer soon in regards to if they want the relics to have a bonus on them or not.
  5. I believe it's working as intended since it was changed to a shop functionality. Shops don't reward bonuses.
  6. I'm sure they will give us information when they are ready. These things take time.
  7. It isn't that bad. You can get the kinah you need for conditioning from Lower Udas Temple.
  8. @Roseae can you add yourself to the development tracker? Thanks. Edit: Looks like I can create my own tracker, didn't know that. Still, it would help others find your posts.
  9. I wasn't really talking about password stealing. I was more-so talking to how these programs can be used to cheat by the ones who wrote the program or their "friends", or spread disinformation. Less obvious stuff.
  10. Yes, that would be against terms of service. It is also against terms of service for these programs to give players advantages past the intended limits of the game. Even just crowd gathering information of nearby players from users of these programs to one person or more in real time enables the possibility of such information being used for gaining an advantage past the intended limits of the game and thus should be against terms of service.
  11. One thing I commonly see while gaming is how common these seemingly harmless player-made programs are used for malicious acts. Below is not an exhaustive list: DPS meters are used to provide disinformation to change public opinions about players. It can provide the wrong measurement if whoever wrote the program seeks to alter the measurements of certain players to change public opinion about them to cause positive or negative actions to be taken against them by other players. Another way this can be used to provide disinformation is if the measurements are uploaded to a database and the data is altered by the users of the program or the data is altered by administrators of the database. These disinformation methods can be used for any variable such as damage per second measurements and animation speed measurements. DPS meters are used to provide administrators with exclusive extra features such as giving them information about characters they normally wouldn't know in game or in-real time. It can provide information so that administrators that use the program are given information outside the scope they would know in game to evade strong players, follow players, or attack weakened players. Surprisingly, most of the time, no one notices these things. I advise you not use these programs, as most of the time there is some ulterior motive to players writing these programs for the community and they have ulterior functions for the person who wrote the program. I advise you not to let your guard down, especially in this our community with many players who aggressively exploit everything - talking about both the NA and EU player base.
  12. The ones they gave in promotions. Some inventory expansion tokens in the quna shop would do too.
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