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  1. 7.5 New Transforms

    I don't like the Transform system in general, but the Apostles are really cool looking. IMO it's much better to let us transform into a champion of a major character, instead of the character themselves, i.e Kaisinel.
  2. Recommended Class

    Depends on the setting; in open-world, kiting classes dominate. In close-quarters, arena-style 1v1, the Plate and Chain classes rule, especially Temps, because they just never die.
  3. The voice sounds more like Beritra's, and when Inanna puts the crown on, her eyes glow the same color as Beritra's, and her dragon-form looks like his too, from what little we can see. It seems more likely that Beritra essentially uploaded his power into Apsu's crown, and used it to possess Inanna; the currently un-modeled character in the vision could easily be an illusion, knowing Beritra, and considering that Apsu is as dead as a Dragon Lord can be. It would also make sense for Beritra of all people to have held on to Apsu's crown. Dragon Lords CAN shapeshift, but only between 2 forms; their dragon form, and their humanoid form, and these forms seem very fixed. Outside of translation errors, there's no evidence that Balaur or Dragon Lords can change their physical forms without infection/alteration by an outside source. All previous mentions of Apsu say she's female, and again, NC is very unreliable when it comes to translating characters' genders in text; the book and quest where we first heard about Apsu mistakenly called Tiamat and Apsu "he" until it was changed to "she" later. I guess we'll see when the patch gets translated...and fully modeled.