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  1. This patch's lag is killing the game for me and my friends... We stopped playing after reaching level ~35 because it was taking like 5 sec to use a single skill! I really hope this gets fixed soon so that we can return to the game.
  2. Dude, right? My ping is spiking like crazy. Me and my 5 friends stopped playing entirely because to go through the early game (which means all of beluslan with 6 people) we were getting 2k - 1M worth of latency spikes. Which is just crazy! It makes the game unplayable! The worst part is that all of us still want to play, i love this game. But come on this ping just makes anyone sad to put in the effort.
  3. Is anyone else suffering from INSANE ping spikes while playing? I don't think this is as much of an issue if you're playing from the US, but me and my friends were getting 3K - 1M ping lag spikes. Which just makes the game straight up unplayable.
  4. I'm playing from Latin america, and this problem is just game-braeaking. Like, me and my friends were getting 1M of lag spikes from time to time. It just makes the game unplayable. The "best" scenario for us is when the ping decides to stay at a 3 digit number...
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