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  1. what about Magic Resitance, Magic Resist, HB and HP or Magic Resitance, HB, P.def and HP? which one is better?
  2. Lol that is insane MR and Eva, you are a monster in pvp, I think you kill Melees easy with your Eva set :). someone told me that I need 23k of MR if I wanted to work petty good. I will take all advises you gave me. thank you so much Ereliya
  3. I thought to retune armor with HB, MR, P. def and HP because I got my acc of katalam and I cannot retune acc so I think that way is a good option I hope that. you and Arhangelos are right, I going to get all stats of cubis, collections and retunes. i will try to get them. Thanks for both help that was helpful for me. I got all advises that you gave me and explained good appreciated.
  4. Thank you so much for answered my question, it was helpful so I will try to get the higher stats Thanks again
  5. Hello, I started to play as a Cleric, so I have many doubts about what manastone Should I use? some people told me use Dmg and the rest of people told me use MR. I understand that Clerics need more than 1 set in this moment, I have finished my set with MR full and I don't know what to do Magic Resistance is a good way too?
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