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  1. Ah ok, yea i bumped my ticket multiple times. I've never had my account locked so this is very stressful. I just got lvl 75 and got my armor +15 and now it''s locked. after about 1 year and a half. I lvled the slow way by killing mobs and doing event for omega. Getting locked the day after is depressing. I wont bump ticket anymore*
  2. Hi guys. After work I came home to a "due to suspicious activity on your account it's been locked blah blah" message appeared when trying to access my account. Any clue why or what this means? as ncsoft has not replied. I don't share accounts or use 3rd party programs. I don't even use ping programs. I keep my account and client free of anything ncsoft can use against me to ban me for crazy reasons like this and it has still happened. I don't use/abuse bugs or glitches. And I don't interact much with community, there are a bunch of suspect people who always do shady things that I do not w
  3. People here cheating know what they did is wrong. They already have their ban/warning. Anything else is pretty much wasted breath at this point, unless you think ncsoft will unban them(nice joke). Reminds me of the group who got banned on BR. Maybe one day you guys will learn....one day lul
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