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  1. Weekly NPC Kinah Limit Not Reset

    It resets sunday going into monday, not on wednesday
  2. October preview?

    Thank you
  3. October preview?

    Any word on what to expect, dates and such?
  4. Evergale Canyon lockout Again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    The past two days they awarded me one win per day and tried informing them that the daily limit for the quest is 4. So basically only got 2 soulstones, didn’t even bother to write a ticket today or log in for EC.
  5. EC bugging since Friday

    Hi I know this is already a known issue but would appreciate if you guys could fix it sooner then wed. Due to the glitch I wasnt even able to get into EC through quick que's. I have already submitted tickets yesterday and today to try and get wins for my daily limit. Due to the bug and it possibly not being fixed till wednesday that means ill be missing out on a total of 14 soulstones. 2 from todays limit for EC and 4 on Sunday, monday, tuesday each day. Due to GM's only wanting to award one win or only able to do one win. Hopefully bringing this too forums helps get a solution for this bug quicker, if nothing can be fixed till wednesday then can we have our 4 soulstones for EC then each day till wednesday?
  6. @Cyan It says "soon" How soon more or less are we to see these changes? Are we gonna have 1 more powerup weekend before these changes come to play?
  7. Breakthrough skills

    Damn that sucks wasted a lot of omegas trying to get a second master harvester up to +23 so far. So then for a templar what weapon should I get to combine with the prime? I already have the extendy shadow pact one that I am gonna make, but is there another one I can combine with it to get better stats or would prime+prime be the best for right now?
  8. Breakthrough skills

    Was wondering about combining on top of Prime weapon? If I +30 the prime weapon then under combine it to a Master Harvester do you get the breakthrough skill that comes with the +30 prime weapon?
  9. Godstones for a templar

    Wanted to know what would be a good godstone to put on my greatsword and sword for pve to up damage output?
  10. balic design npc

    thank you
  11. Hi wondering where they moved these npc's to? The shugo left on the island states that the designs can be found in lower forstress layers
  12. @Vantheria-DN oh wow I didn’t think anyone would read this, thank you and @Arxaggelos-KT I had used the statue to transform and even waited till the timer ran out to try and kill him while wearing my pvp gear but was unable to attack him. When I ran off the cliff and tried coming back to see if I would be able to do it but it just reset the timer for the transformation. thank you for the support.
  13. for a good 25min and i know the person was there cause i tried running them off the cliff and they would reposition themselves on the chest again
  14. Yeah couldnt figure it out, thanks... submitted a ticket and took off to run BoS, waited a good 25min to see if they would leave, no luck though
  15. http://<a href="https://ibb.co/e5F89x"><img src="https://thumb.ibb.co/e5F89x/Aion0093.jpg" alt="Aion0093" border="0"></a> Otherwise assholes like this one will prevent you from looting chest. Still here waiting to loot chest so if a kind GM could log in and 24hr ban kittypie so i can loot my chest with my last 4 keys.... thank you very much.