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  1. I think you didn't get it... It is not about bots and hacks only... It's very hard to stop this. The problem is that there is no punishment system. The team does not work to prevent this happening. People taking KS from a group full bots and NCsoft didn't realize these guys are doing it? They spoil the entire experience of a legitimate players. A lot of people use hack and bot in-game because they know NCsoft doesn't punish these people. If you were playing Retail you know there were people doing Hard Mode instances with no healers, using fly hack to not take damage from boss... A lot
  2. Tell me guys, how hard is it to ban bots? Is it hard to see that this is disrupting the game? https://youtu.be/YdKdYWF9RTc They are KSing real players... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBR9-TwIcLg Tell me NCwest... How do you intend to convince me to pay to play your game since bots are leveling 35+ and you don't do anything! How bots are level 35+ and NCwest Team didn't see that? I was trying do some quests on Eltnen Desert yesterday but a lot of bots were doing the same quest... It took me a while to complete mission I prefer to believe that NCwest is not turning a bli
  3. These changes can be positive for the economic health of the game. Since there are a lot of bots running Luna's instances, this brought huge inflation to the game. I fully agree that the game must be played. However, you should also pay attention to instances resets and luna retuning. I believe that you can adjust this to balance the game and make it healthier for the community. you could add EXP in instances , once we have a "good" EXP doing Lunas Instances. Thank you very much.
  4. This event benefits those who use hack. NAISU! We are all very happy NCWest! you guys are killing honest player's motivation! Some guys farmed like 4k+ melons and wont get anything on Special NPCs. NEVER! GOOD JOB!
  5. I recorded many videos like that and I sent a ticket to support, they answered me after one day, but three days after I checked my "views" on that video and it was only 1 view (my view). This is very sad '-'
  6. agree! This event should be the best event of the year. It must be fair and friendly to all players. Our community is very happy guys! "Merry Xmas!" 👌
  7. NCwest, be honest with us, is it hard to know that they are bots? https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/images/003/009/586/original/botsaion.png?1608535337
  8. I know it, I am not talking about legit groups; I meant the hacking groups, like this guys https://ibb.co/wS0F86M
  9. there are many bots farming melons, there are many bots farming kinah bundle in luna, there are many hackers farming GEAR in instances many ppl know that some guys are hacking in instances to get AoA and PFHM accessories In few days we will do the same hacking guys with all feathers from IDDHM. Servers have a lot of fking hacks and NCsoft dont care lol They are using hacks on PVP instances, in PVE instances, in ranking instances like crucible spire. NCsoft doesn't realize that it is affect the experience of honest players. They end up discouraging these players and they e
  10. NCsoft is doing a great injustice and is not realizing it
  11. This event was supposed to be more to make players happy, but clearly this event was a big mistake, there are more angry / frustrated / unhappy players than people happy ... NICE NCWEST! you are making your consumers very happy!
  12. I am already eligible to receive my minion from Promotion Event on my Main Character, but I made 4 minions rank A on my second Character in like 4~5 months, I tried to combine and failed. I asked to restore but Support Team refused to do that. I said to them: I DONT want participate promotion event on Second Character, I just want my 4 minions back because I spent a lot of time on that things, so I can try next year when we receive new tokens but they dont want to do that... This is soooooo unfair '-'
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