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  1. the game is speaking korean

    thank you bro for your cooperation, but unfortunately the gamefroge launcher overwrites the files back to korean again. i think i will try to play on NA i alr have ann account but the ping is over 500 ms so i will try a ping reducer .. thnx again <3
  2. the game is speaking korean

    i know they are different companies but the core game still the same, i am posting on NA because i wanted to see if the NA version still has the english voice pack so i can copy it to my EU but any way this didn't work because the gamefroge launcher keep overwrites the english voices to korean again. i have posted in EU communities but they said it's not a bug it's something intended from gamefroge and they will keep the korean voices .. so i was hopping if i could download the NA version to copy the voice back but sadly it doesn't work
  3. the game is speaking korean

    but i noticed that NA title is "Shadows Over Balaurea Now Live" but on EU it's Wake of the Storm idk if both are 7.5 maybe they are just different titles ? anyway i have downloaded the game from gameforge official site and many ppl on Eu servers has the same problem they are saying it's not a bug and gamefroge kept the korean voice pack to keep the original game flavor or something like this. well, i think if anyone can upload the english voice pack this might solve the problem
  4. the game is speaking korean

    i think you guys still have the game in english because the active version on NA servers still 7.3 but we have version 7.5 is active now on EU servers, i expect the voice pack will be replaced on NA too with the next aion patch 7.5 become active
  5. the game is speaking korean

    yes please try to upload the voice pack, you can upload them on google drive it's connected to your gmail account if you have one also if you have microsoft account you can enable onedrive on windows it's same as google drive and both are free yeah this is sad, but which version of aion is active now on NA ?
  6. the game is speaking korean

    i think all NPCs, try in ingission all NPCs there talking koreans. i talk about the 7.5 version idk which version on NA servers is active now
  7. the game is speaking korean

    are you sure ? because i have asked some ppl and the game has turned into korean for them too and they are saying it's duo to reducing the cost the company don't hire ppl to make voiceover anymore. i downloaded the game from gameforge official website using the official client, and i have tried to delete the " l10n " folder which contain the sounds pack and re-downloaded it again using the launcher repair function but still the same and everything speaking korean.
  8. the game is speaking korean

    Hello guys, i've been playing Aion for 7 years before i quit when aion 6.0 came and i were thinking to comeback since there is no any other game could give me the same feelings i had in Aion. a few days ago i have re-downloaded the game ( EU Server ) to check what is new in the game but i have discovered that everything in the game is speaking korean which kinda wired for me and makes me feel like something is wrong, so i was wondering if thr NA version of Aion is the same or the game still has the english voices ?