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  1. Hi, I keep getting disconnected from the server. Usually, I check my internet connection or restart my computer to fix this, but this doesn't seem to be the issue this time... I even checked the files and repaired them, but it seems to be coming from the game itself (it logs me out me when the game starts...). Is it happening for anyone else too?... Thanks!
  2. In the Windstream Quest - Conquer Balaurea, I can't seem to find where are these "Retsha Legion Infiltrators". The quest says to eliminate 10 of these infiltrators (assaulters, raiders, sentinels or spellcasters of the Retsha Legion) and they are supposed to be in Gelkmaros or in the Silentera Corridor as written in the quest's description. In Gelkmaros, I only saw Naduka Legion and in Silentera Canyon they were called Lacya--something? (I can't quite remember.) Any help would be appreciated.
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