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  1. Because it's version 1.0 of Aion Classic. Patch 1.2 is a Retail patch. Just like WoW Classic, they are different games and different clients and numbered accordingly.
  2. Your name sounds familiar. Did you play a Glad?
  3. On the Discord server, Asmos outnumber Elyos a bit.
  4. That question was asked. It will not be available until the 16th.
  5. Ok we asked Kibbelz a bunch of questions in Discord: Everyone will be able to install the client on the 16th. Everyone has access to make one character per account, including name reservation. More character slots available after launch.
  6. I don't want to be a jerk but they've made it pretty clear on their Twitter -
  7. This would be a huge mistake for reasons that should be very obvious. Also this is not a global release, this is a release for the Americas, North and South. The fact that they're not blocking IPs is standard for most MMO's, it doesn't mean they're catering to other regions. Besides, Gameforge already has the rights to release in Europe anyway. Also I'd like to point out that the Americas have 4 primary timezones just in our region alone. When East Coast players are in the middle of our primetime, West Coast is just getting off work. When we're going to bed, they're in the middle of their prim
  8. No you have it backwards. Israphel was Elyos heavy, Siel Asmo heavy. Israphel had a lot of talented players and was very PvP heavy the first 2 years or so before I quit. Never played on Siel.
  9. Uh the only one I've seen links to anywhere - https://discord.gg/88QZzrVpYS What discord are you getting this news from - link please? You're giving me hope lol!
  10. We already have a Discord with more people and lots of organization. Discord is a great place outside of forums for people to connect, but let's stick with one Discord so we can stay united as a community. https://discord.gg/88QZzrVpYS
  11. Come on people come in here and show your Elyos love. I see way too many people here and on the Classic community discord saying how they're rolling Asmo, but I remember the tons of people who used to play Elyos. I know you're still out there!
  12. I think his biggest obstacle would be his reputation if he came back honestly.
  13. If you're referring to Morted I'm pretty sure he got banned for cheating and there's no way he's coming back. We're going to remake Israphel bigger and better than ever!
  14. I played Elyos on Israphel launch through maybe patch 2.7. Thinking right now of going Israphel because nothing else feels right. I hope it's a good server again but from what I've read so far it needs more population! Everyone is going Siel.
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