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  1. Well because of the way they did the 3 month sub as a package instead of an actual sub, none of us has a recurring subscription anyway. It'll run out in 35 days and we'll have to manually set up a new subscription if we want one. They're making it easy to quit.
  2. Because most of us need better gear before we can try to PvP. Camping DC just makes it harder for us to gear up and adds to the frustration our faction is already dealing with. If you want people to quit you’re doing a good job. Many already have.
  3. Because any time Elyos try we get pushed out by Asmos so people stop trying.
  4. The new dredgion style instance sounds pretty cool. I'm excited for that. The arenas sound like the 2.7 arenas repurposed for 1.9 with different rewards (because IIRC it used to provide nice 55 PvP gear via those tokens).
  5. No it wasn't lol. Even in 2.x people were doing it. It was always a normal part of old Aion and never once did I hear anything about it being unallowed or bannable.
  6. I don't think we're divided, certainly that's not our biggest issue. More than anything we just need to increase faction participation. I'm wondering what levels people are at because from what I can see we had an equal amount of people online, they just weren't in the Abyss. Elyos needs more people to hit 50 and more people to participate in fort sieges and other types of PvP. I wouldn't be surprised if people are looking at the constant losses and being outnumbered by mostly higher leveled and higher-geared Asmos in both the Abyss and Heiron and using that as a reason not to participate
  7. Just to clarify, when people are doing these repeatables here's what they're doing: 1. Kill and loot enough mobs to finish hairpin quest 2. The players that are done hairpin quest leave, usually 1-3 at most since people are often at different points in their quest and don't finish at the same time. The remaining player stay in the instance, sometimes continuing to kill other mobs. 3. The players turn-in the quest at the Shugo outside the instance, come back into the same instance, and continue to do the instance as normal. Go back to number 1 and rinse/repeat maybe 2-3 times per
  8. Yea I know at least one other person who was supposed to be unbanned today and is still not unbanned. What's the deal @Kibbelz?
  9. This is really the problem. People have been doing SR Hairpin runs like this (and later some do the pouches) like this since 2009. So if NCSoft is banning people for playing the game the same way they played it 10-12 years ago when it was legal and common, then they need to make an announcement that it's now not allowed. NCSoft needs to communicate either way. If they messed up, then fix it and give people who were banned some compensation. If it's not allowed tell all of us so we can play appropriately. As it is right now people are avoiding SR entirely because nobody knows what the bans are
  10. To be honest I think that line is a load of bullshit and just yet another copy/paste response. I have a friend who was banned on last Friday the 30th and after many emails still not told why except that they'd reduced it to a 7 day ban. Today, one day before he's allowed back in, he gets that same copy/paste SR email about another 7 day ban and "reports and game logs" except for the fact that he hasn't been online at all. So what exactly are they doing over there? They need to carefully recheck everyone that they've banned because I bet most of them haven't done a thing. They also need to
  11. Yes I completely agree. The siege times are shit for anyone that doesn't live West Coast US. I live East Coast and many sieges are just too late.
  12. Kibbelz why are you guys letting people make new Asmos on Siel server when Asmos already outnumber Elyos? There's a lot of Israphel Asmos rerolling to Siel Asmo, making an already tough situation even tough for us Elyos. We need some balance restrictions on both servers now.
  13. You can buy skins from vendors in game in this version of the game. Both costume and armor skins and they look pretty good. I've already seen plenty of people running around with them.
  14. No this is correct. We're still at 1.2 content and at that point you could only do one which I think is rather key for the economy, not to mention it has an affect on the Miragent/Fenris quests in 1.5.
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