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  1. Hold up. Now that I look at my quest log more closely, I have [Event] Class Master (Rep 1/3) Need to collect [Event] Gladiator Mastery Book (0/25). And the reward is only 150 [Event] Event Coin. 3x 150 would be just 450 coins. Is the 1k quest available AFTER I've completed the 25 book quest three times?
  2. New (returning from long ago) player. What is SAS? I thought the legendary contract was 9800? I've seen the Mastery book quest. Is that the one that gives 1000 nightmare coins or is there another way to get 1000 coins? Since I have essentially nothing but the basic gear and stigmas at base level, what should I get? I only have a little kinah and I've been using that to make Experience tokens. What nightmare event stuff would help the most?
  3. Since the reward is 1000 Shards I figured it was about how to use shards. Can't abandon it. Have to just ignore it for now.
  4. I have a quest that is bugged. It has been ready to Reward but when I click on the Reward button the dialog says load fail! Quest_Q90024.html (HtmlPageId 56) (QuestId 90024) The name of the quest is: [Tutorial] Learning Combat Support [Reward]
  5. Seriously. I just hit 80 and now I need to gear up. Any slowdown in that is discouraging.
  6. How does Vandal compare to sorc / ranger / gunslinger?
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