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  1. Many are playing only because they paid the month or 3 months in advance, so they are playing more because of compromise. Not to mention that many have already said that they will stop playing it when they run out or Lost Ark comes out. I don't understand how other people can say that the game has a decent amount of players, when half of those are bots and the other half are players who have strongly expressed that they will leave for sure. but hey let's not break their bubble that this is the best game with the best purchase system in the world, be careful WoW and FF14 they are coming for
  2. Using program to reduce lag are by the rules, NCsoft said it and they also said they know there are players who are getting banned for using those programs, so they know but they can't pay their team to detect when is a lag reducer.. where is the money of the people going?🤔
  3. @Wootage-KT I would really like to know you opinion about the actual state of classic. Did you like it? Was it what you expected? I have seen many opinions about it, mine being that I do not like how little subtle Ncsoft has been to get money based on nostalgia.
  4. Incredible you really think that is crazy to think there is still F2P players in classic, its all whales who are toxic because they think that if they put money in the game, they can say and do whatever they want.
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