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  1. People randomly getting banned

    You could be right. But what irritates me the most is when they don’t tell me what exactly I did wrong and threaten to permanently ban me the next time I do it. The sole purpose of this entire post was to express my frustration with NC’s inadequate support team. They give no answers, sweep simple requests under the rug and then simply disregard you. And I’m sure I’m not the only one facing this issue. Oh well, I guess I’ll never know.
  2. People randomly getting banned

    Many good questions that I would be more than happy to answer. Yes, I had to bootcamp Windows 10 in order to install Aion as it does not have a Mac version. The reason I only have Aion, Discord and Google Chrome on Windows 10 (not my entire system) is because I had originally only allocated enough room on Windows 10 to install Aion and some room for storage (pictures, videos, etc.). I currently live away from home and had been for the past two years because of University. I do not have my PC with me as my dorm is quite small and a PC is bulky and heavy. That is why I play on a Macbook. I use OSX for all my schooling related stuff, browsing, etc. It really only has Microsoft home office and The Sims 4 on it. Believe me or not, I know you can only “take my word for it”. Cheers.
  3. People randomly getting banned

    I 100% understand what a bot is and what it does. To answer your question, no. I manually and actively play on my account whenever I am online. I log off when I sleep.
  4. People randomly getting banned

    That was the email I received prior to GM Jun’s response. I’m not currently banned. Also, I agree the statement I made was a bit far fetched. However, I don’t know of any other thing that I may have done that warranted in an account suspension (their reason of banning me was of course, due to “suspicious third party software”). I play on a Macbook and literally only have 3 things installed on Windows 10 (Aion, Discord, Google Chrome). I honestly would not even be frustrated at this issue if I was truely doing things against their ToS but I have done nothing and am being falsely accused. I personally don’t know of anyone that has a grudge against me, but who knows? I’m just a filthy casual player that ocasionally purchases Ncoin here and there. The message I’m getting from NC is literally “stop playing our game”.
  5. People randomly getting banned

    Situation update, so all of my emails have fallen upon deaf ears (or in this case, blind eyes?) and all the responses I have gotten are cookie-cutter, copy & paste replies that lead to absolutely no where (one of the replies I got was from a GM that had no clue what was even happening lol do they even read? ss attached below). None of my questions have been answered, none of my concerns are being acknowledged, and no proof has been given. I am also unable to even contact a senior GM about this issue because all NC does is use bots to answer their emails (ironic?). I can say with absolute confidence that NC’s support team is the saddest excuse of customer service that I have ever seen in my entire life’s existence. Long story short, basically what NCincompetent is telling me is that inconsistencies in their “detection methods” and super ultra top secret “tools” warrants being banned for no apparent reason other than merely existing. So from now on, I suppose I should be terribly afraid of even logging in; in fear of being reported by spiteful, petulant children that happen to dislike me for god-knows what reason and useless, malfunctioning “detection methods/tools” that NC chooses to use. I guess I will be taking my money else where, as this company obviously does not give the square root of jack shít about their paying customers. Thanks for reading. Cheers. Doesn’t read prior emails, doesn’t know what’s happening, doesn’t know anything. Is this a bot? Lol. 11/10 support.