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  1. LOL I had the same issue and this fixed it DAYUMN!
  2. I think I missed a few too but didn't keep track of.
  3. At least people can plan their game now instead of hoping to RNGJesus
  4. I am going to say that this post is like necroposting an issue that has been settled and those banned have long stopped talking about it. It is like trying to argue last year's EC exploit and start discussing about it. SR is old news already.
  5. Exactly but even this way when you do get geared for your main you can at least hope to burn those useless 2 hours of hourglass somehow. Now it is gone.
  6. We want this permanently, it is essential if we do not get open world auto hunt.
  7. If enough people complain about it, it can be a bannable offense.
  8. June 25th is the anniversary for Aion Classic.
  9. And then how would yuh brag about killing people that are pink to him?
  10. So if the 2 servers merge and then one faction has more attendance how will you fix that then? You are trying to fix Israphel's problem by including another healthy server which has no reason to want additional trouble. If the thousans of people who started didn't quit because of the stupid model, IS would have been the easy light server everyone hoped it would be unlike Siel which everyone thought it would be always full and competitive.
  11. It happens to me too, I only need it once a month for the breaths so I am working myself around it.
  12. The AP gear is not tradeable, but they didn't just AP trade, most of them have done a lot of other things, they had their inventories full and a ton of kinah. AP traders are not plain gamers, they are mostly whales. It is easy to see if an account is an alt or not, if it is empty or not, nobody traded their whole inventory to a "friend". But in this case they should simply strip those items as well.
  13. I want to let you know that many people who did AP trading have traded all their belongings to and alt account because they know they will get a ban in their main account. Check the logs for these trades and ban the alts accounts too. I have read their comments in discord posts and other social media.
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