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  1. Not having an ETA only means that we won't know when it's comming back, I know it isn't a forum's modders fault, rather a missunderstanding and lack of communication between both companies' staff, but it seems like NC is taking this issue way too lightly. 8 days have already gone by and that's the only thing we've heard so far
  2. That's an issue that many of us solved by just getting GeForce now, it allowed us to play with just a 9 to 22 ms latency, ofc there was some input delay but you get used to it pretty quick, i managed to raise my dps an outstanding 60% as a templar. I would encourage all of you to try it since its only $5 per month which is quite affordable if you have high latency issues, but since it's not currently working, you'll have to wait
  3. I'm submitting this to a forum cause tickets don't seem to work over stuff like this. It's been 8 days since GeForce NOW has placed aion "in maintenance". They say is NC's problem, NC says it's Nvidia's problem, yet the only ones affected are the players. Most people I know who uses GFNow only use it to play aion, and there's a reason, not every one has a sub 50 ping to play this game as it's meant to. Me, as an argentinian player, can't play without this tool, even playing with ping reducers i'd get at best 200-ish ping, which is unnaceptable since i'm paying for a service both, in
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