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  1. We feel the love from our support team! Thank you Kibbelz for once again not failing to disappoint the Aion community by giving us an event you mentioned last week. When will we get any real events? Does Aion even care anymore?
  2. Thank you Lad for mentioning this! This was something I had missed. You are correct Demaha arena is not open on saturday. Updated (01/19) - Tournament will be on January 28, 2022 @ 8 PM CST Updated (01/19) - Tournament registration deadline will be moved to January 28, 2022 @ 5pm CST Please let me know if this causes any issues with people who have already registered, or planned on registering. Thanks!
  3. Commonly asked questions - when is the registration deadline? - Registration will be closed on January 28, 2022 @ 8pm CST, this will allow us to ensure things run smoothly during the tournament. how many rounds? - Winner of each match will be selected by best of out 3 method. Can I change stigmas before the start of the match? - Yes, people will be allowed to change their stigmas before the match starts. Brackets will be done on live streams, and kept on during the tournament, this will allow groups to better pick out their stigmas before th
  4. Hi HealingSquid, That sounds like a great idea to do preliminarily rounds, however we don't have that kind of volume as of right now. We have 4 groups that have signed up, if we get more people to sign up we most definitely look into doing something like this.
  5. Hi everyone, Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in joining this tournament, and to those who have offered their opinions/suggestions in making the Tournament better for those who participate. I really would appreciate to see as many of you come, and would like to build a server to host more events in the near future. With this event I have been trying my best to make rewards as appealing, while ensuring a greater amount of participants receive some kind of compensation for their attendance. Thanks again! I look forward to seeing as many of you on January 29, 2022 @
  6. Only 1 month to think about another terrible event, not bad. Great job Aion support!!!
  7. Hello again! Please help us set up a time for this event by filling out - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1w7ncnb4T0p7vp80oPGhE_iL4Ghr4ctgczpQyyQnzYmY/edit More details link -https://forms.gle/UisKL6d5ZJC27nVb8 Registration link - https://forms.gle/GWJimvqWyghwuR328 Clarifications: This will not be a 6v6 tournament. This tournament has been changed to 3v3. Thank you everyone who has taken their time to read, comment, and offer suggestions on this post. Thank you to those who have helped spread word on this event, and to our sponsors for help
  8. We have a google sheet for teams to sign up on: Registration link - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/158D46d1fObtTTKukb2mM6c-ZYXGTkSGrl-40qojMics/edit More details link - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1w7ncnb4T0p7vp80oPGhE_iL4Ghr4ctgczpQyyQnzYmY/edit Once we have people sign up the bracket will be randomized and created on live stream so that there's no question on match ups. We were considering doing kinah but there's the whole issue with broker eating up the kinah through the fee. This would require someone to collect kinah which will cost a initial fee to co
  9. Hi Briearios, I agree with your statement it's highly likely that those that do not need Ncoin win the rewards. We considered other prizes such as skins, kinah, Ncoin.. but we picked Ncoin due to limitations we have on the Asmo side. Hi Gabreilis, We are working on getting more sponsors, this will allow us to raffle out more Ncoin prizes to participants. Malloc, Do you have a better suggestion on prizes we can give out? Thank you, Cirxen
  10. Post Matchup? What do you have in mind for this I think posting on lfg and region chats on both factions would most definitely be helpful. I really would appreciate all the help we can receive
  11. Prizes have been updated to reflect the change from 6v6 to 3v3. For more details please visit: https://forms.gle/UisKL6d5ZJC27nVb8
  12. Hi Zappie and Malloc, I do appreciate all the feedback you guys have been providing. Thank you for doing so. Anyone caught with blue or red icon on myaiondps will be disqualified from the Tournament. This would mean 1 less member for those who choose to invite people who are "buggy" Thank you Malloc and Zappie for mentioning this. I think it would be a great idea to restructure the Tournament into a 3v3 as mentioned both sides have less active members, and that would give a disadvantage to people that do not have a static group of 6.
  13. Hi Malloc, We are trying to do something fun for the community since Aion Support @Loki, refuses to make any fun events that bring the community together. What do you suggest we do? Please submit suggestions.
  14. Thanks to one of our new sponsors, we have added prizes! All participants will be entered into a raffle. Raffles will be done on Live stream! Check out https://forms.gle/UisKL6d5ZJC27nVb8, for more details and any updates.
  15. Hii Aion community!! We are planning to host a pvp tournament for Elyos and Asmos. Tournament Details - - Allow everyone to participate without hacks, any person/group hacking will be disqualified - 2 different Tiers (You can join both Tiers) - Ultimate Tier any gear - Gold Tier Kerub or Heartguard only, no gems or runestones, and Ancient Transformation - All pvp will be done in a 6 vs 6 group, you can join with less members if needed - Location will be in Demaha arena so both Elyos and Asmos can participate - All match-ups will be auto generated - D
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