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  1. @Versailles-DN Thank you so much. You gave me boost to do more on that character and try to gear it up. It looks like that's the only solution left behind... Ty again.
  2. I don't mind people to comment if they have played gunner or used to play it for a while like you. I said that so that they could have experience about how the class is somehow nerfed. But I only said that from the perspective that other classes with same my gear could have better dps and more Magic/Physic Att. Pwr But It looks for a gunner to be effective it gotta be geared as you said and in a full good status like other previous comments. I have almost all daevanian skills and I have 2 stigmas +9 2 stigmas +6 2 stigmas +3 and I really love this class. Thank you Yea
  3. You got all wrong I'm not crying, I'm just upset with my dps is that hard to understand. You guys clearly don't have minds!
  4. Please don't upload your personal childhood photos on forum. We don't don't wanna see you shit on us through you nose hole, not just putting your nose into other's business but also shit on us through your nose holes and ugly picture. Yuck you Suck! @Vessttemona-KT
  5. This is a stupid topic, you're the stupid cause you put your nose into other's business ! Yeah right I just opened my eyes to your shitty comments! How sad Aly I don't think you understand English! Aly you're the reason I typed this but it looks like you still argue about it you are a CANCER on this open^^ Forum. LOL *sigh* Get lost.
  6. My main character is Gunslinger and I have ultimate demaha AC +10 and 7 pcs Legendary from tier 2 in this patch of 7.0 and I have as far as I reached 14k Magical Attack and I have difficulty dealing damage as the rest of other classes on adds in instances bosses and normal mobs. While other classes are completely BROKE having passive buffs for magical attack and others active etc such as Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, SW, AT, Rangers, Assassins are from medium to high dps in this patch not bad I mean at least decent, Vandals are very OP, Gladiators have good buffs too but gunslinger got 1 buff 20% ch
  7. People here: This is Madness!!!!! Me: Madness ? THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA.. nvm I'm just excited.. rofl
  8. Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! End of the world Event Has Started even before we know End to know the rewards xyzuhahahaha, sounds pretty funny to me
  9. - _ - Like I'm gonna reply on you. why mention my name. Don't mention my name in any of your posts never ever. UNDERSTOOD ?
  10. Blocking is for kids. you're just like her. Do what you want. It will not affect on me. Kidsssssssss*! No. ._.
  11. Who are you again ?! doesn't really sound interesting.. not sorry to disappoint you this time. No, sorry. I bow only to Kings.
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