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  1. The classic version character creation is just like on the old times, sooooo nop.
  2. 7 months and counting, NCWest haven't even provide an update, now AION classic is comming and we will be left in the ditch. GForce Now already stated long ago this is an issue on NCWest side completely. Thanks NCWest!
  3. 7 months and counting, NCWest haven't even provide an update, now AION classic is comming and we will be left in the ditch. GForce Now already stated long ago this is an issue on NCWest side completely. Thanks NCWest!
  4. Naru

    name resets

    Wrong forum, this is for Aion Classic.
  5. That is the character creation time, predownloading the client should be before that time so we can actually have the client downloaded and not to be a race of how have the fastest internet get their names faster.
  6. Elyos still care about him?
  7. Go and check the restrictions of being a Free2Play player. Although is possible to log into the game without paying, there wont be any reason to do so other than having a hard, boring, and meaningless time just for the nostalgia. Free players will only be able to get kinnah, abyss and useful gear within the first hour per day. Even if you reach endgame with a free account, imagine running an instance for gear wearing white common gears (most likely in a group full of people doing the same) and having to finish before the hour runs out, in other words that will only be achievable
  8. I meeean, at the end is still a Classic server, and is not like they going to reach live servers version, they must stop at some point, at least on live version the worst you can expect is the server closing and theres nothing you can do about it,
  9. Oh gosh, I feel really hard to justify the monthly payment needed to play without knowing what to expect
  10. While I was reading people responses on this thread I noticed several saying that 2.X will be the highest version this Classic server will reach, is this true?, as soon we reach 2.X we will be stuck on there forevar?
  11. While I was playing using Gforce Now I was keep getting banned for "Suspicious Activities" which I understand was for being getting connected back and forth from my PC and Gforce services. I believe the issue resides on NC not being able to whitelist GForce IP's. But this is just what I believe. To be honest I wont be surprised NC is doing nothing to fix this and im the meanwhile Im forced to play at 10fps. Please NC fix this @#$@#@$.
  12. 12 Legendaries, yeaaaaahhh! Not likely most of us mere mortals have more than one, but hey, there it is! Anyways, I suppose that only people that already have everything and only need an ultimate for years is taking advantage of it. At least for me, I cant afford to spend experience marks or abyssal fragments on transformations, the only real legendary income I have is the 2 months lugbug shards and thats a year for 6.
  13. Oh yeah! My bad, even worse, free players would need to purchase the minimum for the 1% chance.
  14. The event is active for 5 weeks and players will get 21 coins per day in that time frame. In other words, everyone that claim the bundle daily will end up with 735 coins at the end of the event, which means we will be able to select between: 1 - [BCM] Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types) = (400 coins😞 Guarantee a Legendary transformation random contract. 2- [BCM] Special Ultimate Challenge Box = (500 coins): which randomly provides eiter 100 coins or a box with a random ultimate. Most likely the latest will provide only coins with a low ultimate box chance. If
  15. Let's all just jump to the russian servers! Wohoooo, at least they have skins back!
  16. Dude! Seriously? These bots and kinnah farms wont stop over this, LOL. Literally the only ones affected are legit players! Bots wont care if they took 10 min booting to reach lvl 10 or takes 4 hours to reach lvl 80, they will continue booting for those lunas. In the otherhand we have the legit players, which will have to struggle doing that stoopidly long quest with lot of ungeared alters to even selective retunning whic is required for basic dayly gameplay. You guys can support this change all you want but this won't stop bots, just make it harder for us.
  17. You guys not seeing the big picture! The bag is already on your inventory and will be fixed, the real issue here is the fact that luna could be got on a lvl 10 toon, now it needs to be lvl 80 and besides that, who on their right mind will be killing 50 mobs per toon on a dayli basis. For ppl like me with 11 alters for luna and abyssal that would be 350 Gelkmaros mobs in the short time I have to play? That lugbug bag need to be exchanged to something more simple like the pure soul Big/Small games dayli quests.
  18. LOL dude, AION already lost all that but the grinding, I suppose everyone will understand that the grinding will be lost with that "Feature" being implemented. Damn! Even PVP is lost, we gearing for nothing! Siegues could be easily fixed by having different hours for each faction. NCSFOT: NO! Let ppl just go and kill a door to get GP and do absolutely NOTHING! Anyways, I was hoping Ashes of Creation to drop before this "Feature" was inplemented. Sad 😢
  19. I will never understand whats the use of auto features on MMORPG. MMORPGS are about grind everyday to get stronger, fashion, roleplaying, group up to get better, etc. MMORPGS are still games, if I wanted a game that play by itself I would just watch other ppl streaming. Still as many other ppl said, is not likely we have any option, it will be implemented and that's it, half or more of the already dead server population will drop and that's it as well! In my opinion, if that @#$@$ of a feature is only implemented for specific events, maybe is not THAT bad. But if it is
  20. About to drop NA and go to Rusia, at least they seem to care a bit about their players, this GMS on NA already gave up.
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