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  1. It's a real shame. I was holding out hope that Aion Classic would take off successfully and thrive. But reading through all the posts here, and some valid points made, bring me to one conclusion. Aion Classic is far from perfect - NCWest has a history of crash 'n burns, no doubt about that. But anyone who has done any gaming and has an IQ above room temperature knows that a toxic game community will commit suicide 9 chances out of 10. Is that why people are leaving in droves? Not entirely, no. But it sure doesn't help when the gameplay is struggling for air. I'm not suggesting that we all
  2. I've seen what happens to games when they go "ftp"...it's usually a slow spiral into the #@!! pile. You'll still have some bots and the usual lot of spoilers, but "ptp" is the way to go. The game gets supported and serviced regularly, anyway.
  3. Might be a silly question, but here goes... where exactly do I find my character's PIN?
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