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  1. Im not returning or new user , but still cant get ulti xrorm, why? maybe chance 0.000001? Or this really p2w event. and maybe give not p2w players get any? maybe when event need set chance 30-50% ?? And give more chance get this like update events & instances for current version? LIKE THIS! 7.5 update!!!!!
  2. PVP instances have been dead for a long time, maybe it's time to replace the rewards with real ones? For example like this : Battlefield Supplies Box for Idgel Dome . What's in the supply bag? Of Battlefield Supplies Box you can randomly get one of the following items: Yustiel's Apostle Transformation Shard Triniel's Apostle Transformation Shard Vaizel's Apostle Transformation Shard Lumiel's Apostle Transformation Shard Dazzling Green Gemstone Shard -2pcs. Dazzling Blue Gemstone Shard -2pcs. Dazzling Red Gemstone Shard -2pcs. Prime
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