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  1. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    What amazes me is that it took this long for players here to come to the realization that their feelings on the matter of NCSoft games means nothing to NCSoft. I realized just how much contempt NC has for NA Aion players, for example, when they simply removed all of our Collectors Edition, and other box purchase exclusives without so much as compensation. "Oh you payed full price for our games and the included in-game exclusives? Too bad, they're gone...but thank you for your patronage! Heres some lucky Vina!" To NCSoft we're just good little cash cows to be milked for all our worth, and the moment these games are no longer deemed profitable, the axe comes down. Regions outside of Korea are afterthoughts to NCSoft HQ. Has been that way for years, and will continue to be so.

    I dont believe there's really anything they, (NCWest), can do, and non stop apologizing for something out of their control solves nothing. (Though I agree they could address issues with more promptness at times.) Fact is, NCWest is mostly a translation/customer relations/maintenance wing of NCSoft. These prices, (all major game changing subtractions and additions), as well as ALL gaming decisions regarding direct Aion development come from NCsoft HQ, Korea. NC West is powerless to alter them. They can suggest changes, but nothing more unless they have expressed consent from K-NCSoft to do so. In a twisted sort of way, we're both victims of NCSoft HQ's greed and incompetence, as well as both powerless to stop it.
  3. NCsoft Korea designed it as an intended mechanic.

    The 5 stages of grief: 1) Denial 2) Anger 3) Bargaining 4) Depression 5) Acceptance Shame OP is still stuck on stage 1. Can't wait for stage 2, should make for entertaining reading.
  4. @Cyan DUPLICATING MANASTONES (Exploit???)

    Isnt johngunmad the individual whoms been defending "p2w" tactics with fervor on these forums of late? Well anyways, makes me wonder just how many more explotive "johngunmad" situations are still ongoing out there atm. This game is rife with cheaters, haxors, and exploiters. And apparently, instead of being investigated and stopped by NCSoft as it should, its being supported. (For the right price.)
  5. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    You CAN choose to not do the event. However, if you do, you WILL be left behind. Thats the annoying part about this games since 5.x.(Well, perhaps since its inception.) It lull's you into a false sense of freedom and choice, when in fact it literally forces your hand. An illusion of multiple paths towards competitiveness, when only one is truly viable. Demanding that you commit to things you'd rather not. The game truly feels like a 2nd job now. Dull, repetitive, boring...but you gotta do it, or else. Which explains why so many have abandoned it.
  6. LUNA: Contaminated Underpath. Crashes and balance.

    One other issue worth mentioning: I've noticed that at times certain turrets wont activate as soon as you select them. I've watched as, after activation, certain turrets, (particularly AA), will remain "inactive" even after it has spawned. Not until AFTER that current wave is nearly gone, will it then turn and start shooting. Rather annoying when that happens as it defeats the purpose of even having turrets if they wont work 100% of the time you select them.
  7. 6.0 info

    So remove godstones, but "enhance" an already stupidly broken minion system to allow them to do essentially everything that made godstones stupidly broken in the first place. Classic one step forward, 2 steps back approach NCSoft is infamous for. Now starting to think theres no saving this game. The more I hear about 6.0, the greater my disappointment grows. Neither "godstones" nor minions as currently constituted should EVER exist in a game that touts itself as a serious competitive pvp game. May as well just legalize cheating and call it a day.
  8. 6.0 info

    Agree 100%. The game feels like its on its last legs and 6.0 might just be its last chance, at least in this region. Lots to clean up and time is running out.
  9. 6.0 info

    I dont understand the logic behind being so adamant about keeping old maps, (at least here in NA.) Fact is, no one is using them anymore. Literally, NO ONE. So why are people so up in arms about losing them? I was leveling through Eltnen and Heiron yesterday around 9ish pm EST (US). Just on sheer whim I decided to do a /who, since it was glaring how empty those two maps were. The Eltnen report stated 13 people where on in that region at that time. Heiron...9. Theres no point in protecting little used assets, and those maps are beyond dead. Heck, Fast Track as a whole is pretty much dead and buried. I get that people are upset from a nostalgia pov. We all have our own fond memories regarding those locales, and it will be sad to see them go from that perspective. But things change, and the population in Aion NA atm is but a fraction of what it once was. If condensing players into fewer regions, at the very least, gives the appearance of a live flourishing world, then I'm all for it. Cause as it is, Aion NA looks and feels utterly dead. RIP old lore, we will miss you. But It's time to move on.
  10. 6.0 info

    Well whatever 6.0 entails, I just wish it was here already. I find myself in a perpetual holding pattern cause many of the things I enjoy, (like crafting and gathering), are in a state of limbo. So I log in, do Luna, look around for a bit, and log off. Just dont feel like treading forward with such uncertainty regarding the future of this game.
  11. How do y'all make Kinah?

    I have 12 toons over lvl 30 on KT Elmo, (over two accounts.) So I started selling 24 snowballs from day one when they were going for 3mil plus each. Plus the snowballs we got from the surveys were a bonus. When the prices for each went down below 1.5 mil each, I just started opening them in order to hopefully get one to 10+, (which in total I gained 11.) Sold each of those between 100-140 mil each. Total this passed snowball event I made roughly 2 bil just on snowballs alone. Give or take a few million.
  12. How do y'all make Kinah?

    Honestly? Luck. Most times I lucked into a large sum. Whether it be via a tradeable drop, or just some random valuable I get from some event somewhere. Actually, I sustain most of my yearly activities via snowball events each Christmas. I've leveled enwouugh of a small army that I can pretty much garner enough income during that one week to sustain my playing habits for that following given year. Been doing so since the snowball events first started, (dont recall when that was tbh.) Before that, it was simply grinding and selling trash...between various toons. (Before that was nerfed.) Come to think of it...sensing a trend here...
  13. State of the aion??? Come back?

    You acknowledge that hacking is a problem, but in the same post you then go on to downplay its effect on the game? Like for example, saying "many" players that complain about hacks do so cause they suck or are inexperienced, not cause there are actual haxors involved. Or condoning NC inaction by saying things like, "well...all games have problems...". Yeah no game is perfect, still most games aren't MMO's, and most MMO's in NA, (if nothing else), take combating haxors very seriously. One players action can have a greatly adverse effect on a large majority in any massive multiplayer game; let alone dozens of them as you have in this game. Nothing enables hackers more than people denying or downplaying hackers or exploiters existence, or that they represent a MAJOR problem. 6.0 could be the greatest developed expansion or revamp of all time, however unless this games cheating and/or anti hack/exploit safeguards are secured, it'll all be for naught. At least in NA. Btw, most of those that got banned during the DP exploit drama only recieved temp bans. Upto 2 weeks in most cases. In the grand scheme of things, that proverbial slap on the wrist solved nothing. NCWest needs to get serious about this issue, and NOT allow player spending to dictate punishment parameters.
  14. Who did this?

    So basically, you're a scummy POS that so enjoys being recognized as a said POS, you felt the need to painstakingly illustrate just how loathsome you are via the forums? Congratulations on your 10 minutes of fame. Karma tends to be *****. Here's hoping that's at least true in this case.
  15. State of the aion??? Come back?

    Well said, agree 100%. We subject ourselves to dull repetitive chores each and every day in RL. Why use up our precious free time simulating that experience in a video game? Aion is supposed to be a game. A Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game no less. Having to endure playing through 75% of this game solo, just to earn the "privilege" of subjecting myself to daily, torturously monotonous and repetitive grinds for months on end, (through seemingly endless hackers, catastrophic RNG and self immolating gear), in order for my toon to be considered "pro enuff" to take part in the remaining 25% of this game, is NOT something I could, in all good conciousness, call FUN. Not to mention, defeats the purpose of playing an MMORPG, does it not? Thats not subjectiveness, that's simply fact. Tediousness is not fun. Well, unless you're a masochist.