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  1. they said same in korea but people spend hardcore and bought ap . or are ugonna ignore that didnt happened there vinley
  2. is not p2w classic ? are u sure what abt ap crown they will sell lol gl spend 1-3 k $ be high rank get ap to get gear and than 2shot someone playing free also the botting lol that game is in past , let it be there
  3. classic is coming and Na aion doesnt say anything or even ask Players if want to play it or consider anyones opinion , very trasparent from u guys ...
  4. So @Kibbelz are u guys gonna take actions for people like this and others have paragon 15 ? meanwhile this person keep brag abt his paragon and 2 shoting everyone including even plate classes , and all others who abused getting similar weapon
  5. Kibbelz said all are perma ban but i see so many that '' has paragon illegal '' still playing game u can see in pic and are lot more so @Kibbelz whats ur justification ?
  6. Ty @Kibbelz even tho late response still ty a lot pls once again investigate warehouses or any paragon came into game like last month and also source where came because not just Paragon items but also other crucial items such as runestone , Wise dragon weapon with skill and who knows what else pls take good time and pay attention into details for every aspect thanks once again in name of community
  7. @Kibbelz pls see all paragon came into game like 3 weeks ago or more because a lot have those gear and weapon hidden in alts or even alt accounts pls take even some time , we will wait but pls solve all and punish all also . even those who buy from broker or anything all guilty who has such weapon , bought or create one
  8. 911 ................................................... @Hime @Kibbelz @Loki hallooooooooooooooooooo ???? people makin these weapons like chewing ludes
  9. Nezzii in his ranger called Soup from fighting me personally to even kill me which he couldnt cuz all know he suck in both classes he play , but anyway to even kill me when he could he would need full rotation + to sleep me or use my rs or blind from some day ago he leggitly not gonna lie 3 shot me 32 k stunning shot 27 k his dazzling red and another skill if no paragon i dont know he pray to Aladin lamp and got x3-4 more dmg but ye anyway i hope people realize and not spend a single cent this game for max 1 week to 2 if no done something such as remo
  10. Is just kinda pathetic how u guys not respond pretty much an entire community that needs some unswers , and pretend blind here there are multiple reasons and aspects in this game why no work , hackers running free with just 8 $ buy vanilla and do whatever u want u guys say gonna make security in this game more but not doing 0 . where or in what other part of Aion region u see hackers they get insta ban in korea , europe , russia even privae servers lol . here they run free cant count how many times people see me no seed and target me than '' use seed '' top of
  11. Is not just you Dooki , trust me are so many of Us think fckn quit because how they act is just too insane , not even a response for 3 days now and u guys pretend we still play and pay for shit shitt game ? hell no ... is just pathetic how this community menagers and Gm act , treat us and dont have a clue for game or want help or assist in any way but just see their benefits and gains and just pass their days to work is too much @Loki @Kibbelz @Hime tooo too much
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