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  1. As we all know that 6.x have been very busy with converting from 100% 'Pay 2 Win' since 4.6 ~ 6.x into some what P2W to get ahead of F2P! But Abyss Transformation need to get upgrade asap! Right now while in Transformation we can still get hard CC (not talking about Governor or Commanders stun) by FEAR/STUN/ROOT/Knock Down/ETC. There are so many bugs that needed to be fix with the game as a whole, Classes and Instances! We do know that NCSoft are fixing these game mechanics but it take NA-Aion any where from 6 month up to over a year to see it get fix. So please look into these issues so that we as a player can still enjoy playing Aion! ---------------------------------- 7.0 update - Skills: 1. Some skill effects have been changed. 2. Character/Collection/Minion Skill tooltips have been improved. 3. Some debuff skills can now be removed with 1 Healing Potion or Dispel. 4. The skills and abilities of the Guardian Deity have been upgraded. --------------------------------- 7.0 update will be another 6+ month wait? I don't see why NA couldn't just ask KR to patch that section of 7.0 update! Sincerely, Van-DN
  2. Illumiel Brawl need FIX!

    Was in IB tonight and ranger playing Templar who does 121,258 damage with Bodyguard! I think it a bug or that player is hacking. Unless their are P2W to IB aswell?!?! This game going to hill for true Aion Fan!