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  1. PS: I try to look for groups for instances nowadays and I hardly find them, many players are already well equipped and do not feel the need to keep going again, I believe that the return of content like Eternal Bastion could be updated with a scoring system where to go in the instant gives points as a reward and those points that can be exchanged for npc's outside the instance, so already equipped players would be attracted by the rewards that the instance gives, not only for the equipment, but for other things such as visuals, enchants, consumables and etc.
  2. I woke up excited when I knew it was the day to do Eternal Bastion, a style of coop instance in which an alliance was formed to fight Balaur's, each group had its role, the team speak server was full, everyone excited, each with their own role to execute at the right time, with each one doing their part, upon reaching the final boss, everyone thinking about the good score we made during the course of the instance so that the reward is good in the end, I miss this type of instance very much in the current game , I do not understand why they removed this content from the game, I believe that thi
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