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  1. can you change it so it actually sends useful items for gearing up, like selectable manastone bundles? no one cares about 1k kinah every 4 hours, it the same as finding a penny on the floor except that penny takes up space in your mailbox.
  2. Missing chunk of upper forearm with Dragonbound Hauberk / Forsaken Temple Hauberk Whole upper forearm without hauberk The glitch happens when a cleric goes into resting cleric pose
  3. Some of these events are destructive of you ask me.
  4. Please stop doing the same events over and over again.
  5. Can you add a bunch of different gear dyes to the quna shop directly? They are super rare and hard to get.
  6. Not like this is all that is wrong with Aion Classic, but they could increase the amount and frequency of shard drops permanently. Shards are usually at 1,200 kinah each.
  7. Well, one of the reasons why the game is dying is because they market to toxic people. The main thing bringing toxic players in is the P2W. They also go beyond that and market appearances that are inherently toxic such as https://i.imgur.com/1BjnMY8.jpeg. It's like they are supporting toxic behavior.
  8. The game has a problem with all around toxic behavior like harassment and racism and I think that's one of the biggest issues.
  9. I didn't say it was enough. -merge- I really want them to fix skill heights. It's annoying when Healing Wind doesn't apply to party members that are 1 meter higher or lower than you.
  10. Realistically, there isn't anything NCsoft would do that would fix this game. Anything they would do would virtually have no impact long term.
  11. @Rin Can we add some more dyes to cash shop, events, or pass? I really need Black Dye.
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