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  1. This issue should literally take 5 minutes to fix, the fact that NCsoft still can't fix it after a month+ is absurd. This informs your player base you're incapable of even the most basic of tasks, what reason would they have to stick around?
  2. That's brutal. On retail, I got it in 3 crafts so I wasn't too unhappy. I can't even imagine attempting it that many times @Kibbelz Is this something that can be looked at? At current blood pricing on siel asmo side this is still 300 million kinah at 5 attempts. Can this quest be reviewed to provide the HHOM instead of 100 bloods? Surely 300 million kinah is a reasonable(one can argue way too high) amount to invest in a single item.
  3. Given away for free? I spent around 250 million kinah on these 5 attempts, in what world can anyone say that is free? At current pricing of bloods this is be ~320 million kinah on Siels asmo side, and likely to go up as more people get to the Fenris pants quest.
  4. So, I'm all for the classic feeling and all. However we all know this isn't being run like classic. We've accepted higher drops in dungeons, faster exp, candies etc. I've failed the Hot Heart of Magic 6 times now, and ya... this aint 2009. I'm not sure about you all, but there is no chance I'm farming any more then this. In my opinion... Instead of a free 100 bloods at 5 failed attempts we should get the Hot Heart of Magic.
  5. You've seem to have left off the part of announcing 1.5 next week.... Or are you waiting for the rest of your player base to quit before you announce that in a moth or more?
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