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  1. I agree with what others have suggested previously - please make Daeva pass items account tradeable, especially scrolls & consumables. I've tossed over 300 attack speed (greater courage scrolls) obtained thus far as I don't have a use for them on my SM. Another suggestion is to make the event administrator boons stackable. Currently, each event administrator boon takes up 1 inventory/warehouse slot. At level 50, I don't use them very often, and each Daeva pass gives you 4 or 5. That is 4-5 spaces per pass that goes towards a single-use item.
  2. Seriously, please revert this. I don't understand why this change went through without prior testing because it's awful in some areas (especially on the Elyos side).
  3. I assume the "critical priorities" have to do with the upcoming 1.5 patch, which will be implemented in 1-2 weeks time if we're following KR Classic's schedule.
  4. Particularly in an instance like last night, where an hour of alliance formation on the Elyos side led to being wiped by asmos in one minute at Siels West. But sure, go ahead and say that's because of "poor leadership". The past few sieges have made it abundantly clear that the only fortresses we acquire are those willingly given to us by Asmos.
  5. @Kibbelz @Loki Could you also modify [Event] Administratior's Boons to stack with other event boons? The 2 compensation boons & daeva pass boons each take 1 inventory slot and do not stack with one another. Without a quest bag, my inventory space is limited as is ...
  6. Just to add - I asked a fellow Korean player whether these delays are/were present in KR Classic and they are not.
  7. While I really do appreciate you putting this together with every siege, it's only made the Siel Asmo-Elyos population (and siege participation) appear more balanced than it actually is. I'm also concerned that IS-Asmos are seeing this and rerolling to SL-Asmo, worsening the situation.
  8. Siel Elyos are severely outnumbered at sieges & higher levels - will you guys be re-implementing asmo creation locks anytime soon?
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