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  1. So let me get this straight - your solution to the problem (which was only exploitable for a few minutes, so most of the playerbase is innocent) is to punish everyone? Oh and since you're probably not aware, people who purchased the bundle in time bought it in LARGE quantities. This means that they still have thousands of unclaimed mails and won't be affected by the removal of these items in their inventories like regular players. If you delete them, they'll visit their mailbox and claim more. So this "fix" of yours won't do shit besides nyerk off the remaining ~95% of players who ob
  2. So whose idea was it to remove the event NPCs from Sanctum the morning of maintenance BEFORE maintenance starts? Looks like my 40 coins are going to waste.
  3. Seeing as our feedback hasn't changed the rewards, and the current state of the servers, I won't be resubbing 90-days after my aura expires. In fact, there's no reason to sub at all until after the 12th - 3hrs is sufficient for dailies/dredges/sieges. You guys need to seriously reconsider your strategy for NA if you want players to stick around. Even those who have tolerated your mishaps up till now are getting fed up. Mediocre subscription incentives and compensation packages certainly aren't enough. In all honesty, even if the situation miraculously turned around for the better (
  4. The Cube Expansion ticket is a welcome addition, but 5x Enchantment Stone boxes is an awful incentive for a 90-day sub. I'd rather have the penguin pet return as it's more useful than enchantment stones we can already obtain in-game.
  5. I'd recommend you two start over on Siel since you're lv11 - only a few hours work. Israphel has an extremely small playerbase and you'll be stuck there for several weeks until/if the merge goes through. In any case, here's my code: D6FWKZOFLM5HYJWSTJR5. Email says it can be used until Nov 17th.
  6. Try playing the game outside of your premade/group of friends for DP/Dredge/PvP/etc. If you always run with the same people, nothing will be challenging. If you don't want a completely incompetent group, form one with 1~2 friends and pug the rest.
  7. I'm disappointed (yet not entirely surprised) that this is the reason for the delays. You can look up all in-game IDs through https://aioncodex.com/usc/ - a database players put together from YOUR game files. As I don't think NCWest devs know what to search, I went ahead and did all the work for you - below are the NPC IDs associated with sieges: http://imgur.com/a/ZIWEefd - screenshots are of searches on AionCodex for "Dux", "Megadux", "Stallari", "Ulsaruk", "Seasoned Commander", and "Fortress Gate". These IDs include Divine Fortress NPCs as well, which aren't yet in game, and non
  8. @Kibbelz Tagging for awareness. I completed this questline during the first week of 1.5, so it seems maintenance broke something associated with the quest. In any case, I hope it's fixed for you guys - then we'll all be stuck on the pants quest
  9. Can't edit to add onto my previous comment - As for Dredge, please send out a survey (similar to what was done for sieges) to gauge better times for the community. I live in NA and have to set alarms for 2:40pm/9pm/2:40am to attend dredges and retain any semblance of a normal sleep schedule. Also, please allow us to change looting to FFA in Dredge as many people don't loot. Waiting for a body to go global requires running back or respawning to loot, which doesn't always happen.
  10. Although a bit delayed, thank you for modifying the siege values. Seeing as NA-specific changes can be made, I agree with the previous post on reimplementing fabled drops in Theo/Brust, along with adjustments to balic drop rates. I'd also suggest removing the confirmation prompt for looting white drops - manual looting is slow enough as is.
  11. While I appreciate the confirmation, I hope you all are aware that siege attendance is down greatly this week due to this change. What's the point in capturing forts if we'll lose them the next time it goes vulnerable? Elyos have been dredged 4 times now and lost all 4 forts. If a hotfix isn't out for this within the next 2 weeks, Abyss/Sieges (particularly Uppers) will be dead.
  12. Good to know it wasn't just Elyos having issues with dredge commanders. There was only one aggroed on Dux at Siel's East and its HP bar was still >95% before Dux died. I assumed it had to do with our higher influence ratio, but that shouldn't be the case for asmos. NC once again applying buffs that may have been applicable in Korea to the significantly smaller playerbase on NA. Please tell the devs to revert this change @Kibbelz
  13. Just refer to the Korean 1.5 patch notes for the time being: https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Classic_-_1.5_Update
  14. So, considering the event is going on for 2 weeks now, will we ever see a fix for our empty treasure bundles from opening the chests? I'd hate to have missed out on a godstone from this...
  15. At this point, a server merge between IS and SL is extremely unlikely as Elyos are now the dominant faction on both servers. Siel Asmos had a greater number of hardcore players at launch, but many of them have since quit. Those that remain aren't even trying anymore.
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