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  1. Payback for the 3 months of asmos doing the same to us? get over it.
  2. you know they drop from Fortress repeatables right? aswell as normal mobs in the world above lvl 40. people have had godstones since week 2
  3. ??? you never needed to craft 2 HHoM http://aion.mmorpg-life.com/quest/loyalty/12694/ And unless the rewards are 100x boiling blood stains per day don't bother. like other people have already said consumeables are literally worthless, Especially ones with the Event tag that do no stack, they get instantly deleted. Ban the botters, ban the hackers and wipe the AP traders then I might consider coming back
  4. bro slow down, give them 2 months to investigate first
  5. it's easy enough for a couple of people running a private server to fix, there is NO excuse. legacy is launching with server and client side detection and they take no shit
  6. unfortunately you need to PvE to be able to do any PvP as certain classes as i'm sure you know. people just AP trade now as the faction imbalance has put a lot of people off of even entering the abyss or attempting to pvp in other areas
  7. so finally after over 5 weeks of me sending in tickets something gets noticed. players need their accounts wiped and then perma banned along with all the botters. I really hope you make the right decisions, i'll be waiting until action is taken before i renew any of my daeva passes and siels auras
  8. don't act dumb ani cancelling is not ani hacking
  9. JuSt PlAy BeTtEr NuMbErS ArE NoT ThE PrObLeM XDXD
  10. I am once again volunteering to do your job for you and collect evidence to observe and ban/wipe the people that have profited from exploiting this mechanic. KR does it why can't you?
  11. YES! EXACTLY WHAT SIEL NEEDS! more balic mats and more level 30's....
  12. please @KibbelzI need to know if I'm going to get banned sometime in the future for playing the game how it has been intended to paly for over 11 BLOODY YEARS!
  13. Buff them they wil target you, train them to mobs
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